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Tattoo artists get asked multiple times weekly for an apprenticeship. Persistence is the key here. Don't be an overbearing pain in the ass, but do approach it with respect and a WANT to learn attitude Tattoo Apprenticeship Interview Questions. You have found the perfect scheme the employer is delightful and they have read your cv cover letter and application form with the joy of a child eating nutella for the first time. The price will depend on the shop and your artistic ability. Tattoo Apprenticeship 7500

A tattoo apprenticeship is a way for a student to learn everything they can from an established tattoo artist. It usually starts as a hands-off experience where they are trained on safety, proper sanitation, and how to build a machine. The average apprenticeship takes about 2 years In order to become a tattoo artist, an apprenticeship is one of the first steps you must take. Doing a formal apprenticeship is like enrolling in a trade school—you do it for the skills and knowledge you will acquire, for the connections you'll make, as a step towards certification, and for your professional résumé Understand that a portfolio is the most important factor in presenting your work to others, especially when looking for a tattoo apprenticeship. Take the time and research the style of layout you want to present your work. You as the creator of your own art will know what your best pieces are, so make sure they are in the front, and make sure. We're looking for people looking for a second chance to find themselves through tattoo apprenticeship. We're looking for people who are looking for a career, and not just a job in a tattoo shop. Most of all, we're looking for people who have more questions than answers Tattoo Questions for Apprentices. This forum has 464 topics, 2,621 replies, and was last updated 3 years, 1 month ago by Ryan Leitner. General information about layout, body position of the image, and making stencils

Join our community and share information, ask questions, and chat on the forums about tattoo topics. Get help and critiques with your tattoo apprenticeship progress and artwork. Tattoos that you have completed or tattoo designs (flash) are always critiqued in a positive and constructive way Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about getting a tattoo, and be sure to check out photos of the tattoo process. Are Tattoos Safe? As long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions, getting a tattoo is perfectly safe So you want to be a Tattoo Artist? You need a tattoo apprenticeship! Here is a good little bit of information to help you achieve that goal. Before we go any further you need ask yourself a few questions. Can you draw? (This is an easy question with a hard answer. Your friends and parents are going to tell you that you are the most amazing. No, this is a licensed tattoo school taught by professional tattooists and body piercers that will require your strict attendance to graduate and receive your certification. Unlike a tattoo apprenticeship, which often takes between 1-2 years to complete with no guarantees you are even being taught all of the necessary skills, Florida Tattoo Academy teaches you everything required to begin your. A Tattoo Apprentice portfolio is a display folder containing a carefully selected sample of your drawings, paintings and artwork in order to get a Tattoo Apprenticeship. You want it to show off the very best work that you can do as it's the key to getting a prospective mentor to take you seriously and offer you a Tattoo Apprenticeship

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you have the drawing ability and you're willing to work hard as an apprentice to learn to tattoo and other apprentice tasks. If you get an interview or the studio has been advertising for an apprentice and you go in, be prepared to answer questions like : - how many days a week and from and till what times can you be at the studio - what's your. For ages, tattoo apprenticeships at local tattoo studios have required artists to clean toilets, mop floors, and sit at the front desk rather than actually learning to tattoo. Our tattoo apprenticeships are dedicated to teaching you this ancient art form with cutting-edge equipment and from the best trainers around A tattoo apprentice is essentially an unpaid intern that works alongside an experienced artist to learn how to tattoo people. You need to complete an apprenticeship to earn for your tattoo artist's license and apply for full-time work Finding a Tattoo Apprenticeship . There are many tattoo artists out there—some good, some not. You should find a strong, able tattoo artist whose style you love and who has plenty of experience. Usually this means at least 5 years working as a professional artist in a shop, preferably more Got Questions? We have answers! Have a question about how we Ink Different ® with tattoo apprenticeships updated to meet the needs of a digital age? Contact us! We're happy to chat with you about y our apprenticeship and walk you through the steps from tattoo apprentice to professional tattoo artist. Our program starts online in a live virtual classroom, where you work one-on-one with your.

An apprenticeship is by far the best way to learn to tattoo. You will be shown how to do things the right way, safely. It will save you years of stumbling around trying to work it out for yourself. You also need the support and mentorship an apprenticeship brings in order to survive the steep learning curve that tattooing has Find a tattoo apprenticeship in NYC that works for you; Stay focused and dedicated to the craft; While this career isn't an easy one, it's tremendously rewarding and we love to help aspiring tattoo artists achieve their dreams! If you have any questions about your future as a tattoo artist, don't hesitate to reach out Apprentice Tattoo Consent Form. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your tattoo apprenticeship sponsor form instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money It's a city full of famous people and famous tattoo artists. Though there are hundreds of tattoo shops and tattoo artists in LA, there aren't too many who are looking for a tattoo apprentice. And even fewer who want to spend time answering questions from aspiring tattoo artists about their business and career Luckily for you, a lot of the mystery about tattooing used to rely on setting up a coil machine. Most artists would not share inside secrets about the machines. Trust me, its very complicated to get it working properly. However, in the past 5 year..

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In 2020, You have many options to become a tattoo artist. Teaching yourself, attending a 'tattoo school' or getting a traditional apprenticeship are all viable ways to do it. And they all have advantages and drawbacks. In this article I'll walk you through your options and give you a few of my 'top tips' to help you understand how to. Rather, one to three years of training and apprenticeship is involved. Get your portfolio ready. Like many creative fields, a tattoo apprenticeship starts off by compiling a portfolio of your artwork, which should feature approximately 25 to 50 pages of your drawings, paintings and other tattoo-related sketches

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  1. The UK Official Tattoo Academy is the longest running academy in the UK with a 98% pass rate with hundreds of uk and oversea students attending our course's all year round.. We are the UK's and Europe's most popular tattoo training establishment with proof of students confirmation since 2011.. We provide courses for complete beginners with no knowledge but also for an experienced.
  2. Tattoo Artist Resume Examples. Tattoo Artists apply permanent designs on their clients' bodies by injecting ink under skin layer using needles. Typical sample resumes for Tattoo Artists describe duties like advising clients on choosing suitable tattoos, maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment, sterilizing equipment, and presenting portfolios to clients
  3. imum of 6 months, maximum of 24 months) 375 Completed Clock Hours of Supervised Body Art Work (Log Submitted by Trainer
  4. Hello! My name is Mars, and I've started my journey to begin my dream career Mars Lizalde needs your support for Help Mars Fund Their Tattoo Apprenticeship
  5. g ideas and creating new tattoo designs
  6. A lot of tattoo artists will start by tracing simple tattoos onto paper to practice inking. It's a great way to train yourself in steadying your hand and getting used to transferring a design onto skin. 2. Practice on fruit or pigskin. As we said, it's not uncommon for apprentices to practice on fruit at the beginning - the most popular.
  7. Find a certified tattoo artist-mentor who will take you on as an apprentice. Learn the trade. Get certified. Find a shop to work in. Is it hard to get a tattoo apprenticeship? Finding a piercing apprenticeship can be just as difficult as finding one with a tattoo artist, but the requirements are a little different

I get asked this question a lot. Up until a little over a year ago, I was the one doing the asking. The truth is, if you ask ten different artists how they came into tattooing, you'll get ten different answers. If I was to give you my entire story, it would fill a novel, simply because I consider t Rob works at Extoria Tattoo and Piercing in the Lake George Village and is a very well known tattoo artist in the area.I asked him to do a detailed piece on my back to remember my father while representing my German heritage. After the first hour of work, I started asking him a few questions and learned some very interesting things.. 1. When did you start your career as a tattoo ar

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  1. These are only a few of the things that are absolutely necessary for a tattoo artist to know, and if you can't answer all of these questions with concise understanding, you are not ready to be a tattoo artist!Go get an apprenticeship! Now, don't get me wrong..I don't think all apprentices need to be taught how to draw
  2. To be honest, everyone I've talked to who has had an apprenticeship has been introduced to tattooing in the same way and some of them are RIDICULOUS tattooists now. The Venom I did was only my 7th tattoo because of how I was thrown to the wolves. But to answer your questions: - Blowouts: Watch this video
  3. Tattoo artists often get a lot of questions about their job. Taxi / Getty. Insider asked tattoo artists popular questions about their job and getting inked. Novice artists usually practice on people they know or materials like unpeeled oranges. The sternum, chest, groin, and eyelids are some of the most painful places to get tattooed
  4. Online Tattoo Apprenticeship Training is simply the best way to learn for those that can not attend a tattoo school. Insane Tattoo Products and the International School of Body Art will teach all you'll need to know to get started in the tattoo industry and the proper techniques to help you master the art
  5. I'm a tattoo artist who underwent a standard apprenticeship under a certified tattoo artist. I am an artist first, tattooer second, which means I put creativity and art into my tattoos, not just the 'you pick it, we stick it' type of tattooer. Apprenticeships for tattooing vary by state, according to the laws. I'm also a trained body piercer, as well. Any questions about the job or.
  6. Pre-apprenticeship training. Do Tattoo Apprentices get paid UK? If you start as an apprentice, for the first 12 months, you'd probably just be cleaning, seeing how a tattoo studio works, and asking questions. You might get paid £100 a week. An experienced tattooist could earn £30,000 to £60,000 a year
  7. Here's my scenario and a few thoughts on this: I actually had a great mentor and he's now become a really good, and honestly, one of my closest friends. With that said, he talked shit to me all day, but it's more in his character than anything and..

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The annual renewal membership fee for Tattooing is $50.00 and for Body Piercing is $100.00. Either of the two annual memberships will also give you 40% off of Tattoo and Body Piercing supplies that the school sells, and Free Shipping on all of our products. Please speak to an admissions representative for more details The Tattoo Apprentic Feb 14, 2019 5 Portfolio Tips To Get A Tattoo Apprenticeship Feb 14, 2019 September 2018 1 Sep 26, 2018 ATC is Moving Sep 26, 201

$15 Apprentice application fee. 2. Legible photocopy of your social security card and current U.S. government issued photo identification (i.e. driver's license, state identification card, or military identification). The name on the ID and social security card must match. TYPE OF APPRENTICE LICENSE REQUESTED: TATTOO. BODY PIERCI Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Be sure you find the right tattoo artist and tattoo shop for you! Our guide covers all the questions you'll need to make your next tattoo experience a great one

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  1. Mars Lizalde is organizing this fundraiser. Hello! My name is Mars, and I've started my journey to begin my dream career of being a tattoo artist. I've searched high and low for apprenticeship in local shops, and as we all know, apprenticeship fees at a reputable shop are at high cost (for all the right reasons, of course.)
  2. My apprenticeship began on the 19th of May, and my initial introduction into the studio mainly involved gaining an understanding of the booking system for appointments, shadowing artists while asking questions about their processes, and ensuring high standards of hygiene (or less formally articulated - cleaning)
  3. Tattoo Apprenticeships are hard to come by, especially if you are new in the industry. The tattoo industry is a closed off industry because of the art and passion within it. Therefore, it may become daunting when trying to find a studio/ academy that will consider you to join
  4. Remember that the best tattoo artists will always tell you to complete an apprenticeship, the only secrets in the tattoo industry are the answers to the questions you have not yet asked. Tattoo Apprentice, Learn tattoo, tattoo tricks, tattoo tips, tattoo guide
  5. Company Name Tattoo Apprentice | City, State | May 2016 - April 2017. Priced merchandise, stocked the shop, and took inventory of supplies. Cleaned and organized the store, including the checkout desk and displays. Handled all customer relations issues in a gracious manner and in accordance with company policies
  6. As I went in to my local tattoo shop for septum jewlery, one of the shop's employees ended up striking conversation with me, and the topic came up upon when I would get more work done. I joked around some and admitted I was saving my skin for a tattoo apprenticeship in the future, and BAM. They just so happened to be looking for an apprentice
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Apprentices Do you have what it takes? If you are looking to begin a career in the tattoo artistry or body piercing field, Big Daddy's Tattoos can offer apprenticeships to those with determination and potential. Send us an e-mail with a copy of your resume and some samples of your work. We'll get back to you as soon as possible Tattoo and Body Art, Permanent Cosmetics, Body Piercing, and Branding. This page contains information regarding consultation with tattoo, permanent cosmetic, body piercing and branding artists regarding establishments, training, testing, inspections, inquiries, complaints, product reviews, development/revisions of requirements and plan reviews Royal Air Force 4.3. United Kingdom. £15,985 a year. Tattoos may be worn on the side and back of the neck but tattoos on the back of the neck must not extend above the natural hairline (scalp tattoos are not. 30+ days ago. Save job. Not interested Tattoo Apprenticeship Portal March 25, 2020 · So I think I get enough questions through this page that I am going to start a mentor program via this page for those who are learning on their own for a monthly fee of $50 payable through PayPal or messenger and I feel like this you are going to receive good viable information that is Direct and.

Apprentice Requirements. An appointment is required for new body art cards (including apprentice cards), renewal cards, and duplicates. Appointments can be made through the online scheduling system. Clients who need duplicate or replacement cards can come in without an appointment and are seen as capacity allows Licensed tattoo schools must submit official transcripts directly to the Health Licensing Office. Take and pass a written examination. Pathway 2: Reciprocity. Submit an affidavit of licensure demonstrating proof of holding a current license as a tattoo artist, which is active with no current or pending disciplinary action. The licensing. Yelp users haven't asked any questions yet about Rorschach Tattoo Apprenticeship Program. Recommended Reviews Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews Dover, DE 19901. Good and great artist , friendly and very sanitary , heard about them through a friend very professional people. 3. Karma Theory Tattoo And Gallery. Tattoos Body Piercing. (7) Website. (302) 526-2096. 1022 Lafferty Ln

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Tattooing is the practice of producing an indelible mark or figure on the human body by scarring or inserting a pigment under the skin using needles, scalpels, or other related equipment. It shall be unlawful for any person to perform or offer to perform tattooing on a child under eighteen (18) years of age. Body piercing is a procedure in which an opening is created in a human. Personalize Your Own Tattoo Apprenticeship Sponsor Form . If the person executing this form is receiving services and not making an application for a license, permit or certificate,4 Documentation of curriculum required by 310:233-9-6 for body piercing or tattooing in the apprentice progrNo person shall be issued a permit as a sponsor for the Body Piercing & Tattoo apprentice prograunless they. You will need to apply for your Tattoo Apprentice Permit at your Public Health Center. 1-year Apprenticeships are not included in your fundamental basic training course. 1-year apprenticeship $5500. $2750 is due the first day of the apprenticeship, the remaining balance due at the completion of the year

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Contact us at 860.417.6491 To schedule a free consultation. Ernesto Nave opened Lost Art Gallery with wife Stephanie Nave and brother Dennis Nave in 2013. He was born in The Philippines, and moved to Connecticut at a young age. Ernesto studied Film Animation at Pratt Institute and is a Waterbury native We found 67 results for Tattoo Apprenticeship in or near Claremont, CA. They also appear in other related business categories including Body Piercing, Art Galleries, Dealers & Consultants, and Fine Art Artists. The businesses listed also serve surrounding cities and neighborhoods including Fontana CA, Upland CA, and Arcadia CA

Tattoo Apprenticeship, Brooklyn, New York. 121,202 likes · 64 talking about this · 2,551 were here. We provide apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all walks of life, and as a result, we have.. LILAC TATTOO STUDIO 4409 BELMONT AVE. DALLAS TX, 75204 PHONE (214) 272-3009 HOURS Sunday - 12 - 10pm Monday - CLOSED Tuesday - 12- 9pm Wednesday - 12 - 9pm Thursday - 12 - 9pm Friday - 12 - 10pm Saturday - 12 - 10pm . Contact Us if you have any additional questions please fee

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Tattoo deposits work as a way of you financially committing to your upcoming tattoo appointment. Without this monetary protection, artists and shops could lose a significant amount of money due to clients backing out. Deposits are needed in order to cover the artist's time, researching process and drawing your stencil out Florida Tattoo Academy. Tarpon Springs, FL. $500 - $1,000 a week. Easily apply. An ideal candidate would have at least 10 to 15 years of tattoo experience, an amazing art portfolio, and have successfully apprenticed multiple tattoo artists. 30+ days ago · After deciding in college that graphic design wasn't for him, he completed his tattoo apprenticeship in 2007 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In 2011, he moved from Coeur d' Alene to San Diego and tattooed there until 2013. Once back in Idaho and settled, Seth opened up Genesis Tattoo in 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Apprenticeship, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. 39,533 ang nag-like · 12 ang nag-istorya mahitungod niini · 41 ang mianhi. We provide apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all.. Philadelphia Tattoo Apprenticeship, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. 39.530 свиђања · 11 особа прича о овоме · 41 су били овде. We provide apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all walks of life,..

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50 Useful Tattoo License Practice Test Online Questions and Answers on Tattoo History Tattoos have been proved to exist in human history since approximately 12.000 B.C. The history of tattooing conceals in itself much interesting and mysterious facts which still attract and urge many people to make in-depth researches till now Tattoo apprentice and ceramics wizard Alma Proenca is a perfect example of what industry folk should be: kind, honest, and dedicated. Speaking from Two Hands Tattoo in Aukland, New Zealand, Alma shares her story on what it takes to be a working artist within the tattoo community and what it takes to be a great apprentice

Online School & Training For Today's Tattoo ArtistJoin the Tattooing 101 Community Today and Get Free, Instant Access to Tools and Resources That Take You Behind the Curtain of All Things Tattooing. From Apprentice to Shop Owner, We've Got You Covered. Join Now... It's Free! Here's What We TEACH... FOUNDATIONS It doesn't matter if you're [ 11 Questions to Ask Your New Tattoo Artist. In Advice, Medical, Tattoo Culture, Tattoo Health, Trends by Trip March 22, 2013 11 Comments. Choosing a Tattoo Artist. Getting a tattoo is a life-changing decision. Once you get inked there is no turning back. There are certain things that you need to ask before that first prick lands on your skin The Amount - Visit indie-gogo The Tattoo Apprenticeship to see more ! Feel free to email me directly at fotogink@gmail.com for any questions , I refuse to give up - I've come too far. Let's make the world safer, brighter and a better place for art by doing it correctly and with honor . Thank you Tattoo Advice Hub Reading Time: < 1 minute. All your tattoo questions answered, whether you're a first time tattoo-getter or a seasoned professional tattoo artist. With help from industry-experts we've put together everything you need to know about tattoos Please contact the admissions department for questions or concerns about enrolling into any of the tattoo school programs. Tattoo classes start every 4-6 weeks so call now to check availability. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. Master Tattoo Institute. 740 71st. Street, Miami Beach, Fl. 33141

Many professional tattoo artists will tell beginners looking to get into the industry that the only way to learn how to tattoo is through a 2-year apprenticeship. But that idea is outdated and impractical in today's tattoo industry. As the tattoo industry continues to grow, modern tattoo artists expect and demand a higher standard of education Tattoo Apprentice. If you're fairly new to the tattoo game, let us help you make sure you've got the right equipment and the right frame of mind to become a great tattoo artist! Category Archives: Tattoo Apprentice. Search Advice Hub. Search for: Ask Us A Question

I paid $4800 to do a tattoo apprenticeship, I do not and will not make money doing this until I am eligible for license in March. Can I claim this money as a deduction? No. YOu did not attend a qualified institution of higher learning, and were not enrolled in an eligible course of study for the purpose of improving job skills or anything like. Foundation #3 - Apprenticeship. As mentioned above, the path to becoming a tattoo artist will almost always include an apprenticeship. This is not an easy part of the experience, but it's when most of the learning takes place. An established artist will take on an apprentice for an agreed-upon period of time, usually a couple of years During an apprenticeship, a prospective artist will work in a shop alongside a professional tattooist learning to design tattoos, to operate a tattoo machine, and to sterilize equipment The Darkside Tattoo: 5 Questions for Bryon Burdick Bryon Burdick has been doing tattoos for more than 20 years, but love of the art began before that. Nowadays, it's more of an apprenticeship. We're looking for people looking for a second chance to find themselves through tattoo apprenticeship. We're looking for people who are looking for a career, and not just a job in a tattoo shop. Most of all, we're looking for people who have more questions than answers

Thankfully Tattoo Academies do exist today because without them only the very lucky few will be offered Tattoo apprenticeships, after all it is such a difficult industry to get into and most budding Tattoo artists that have tried rocking up to their local Tattoo studio's with portfolio in hand and a head full of dreams about becoming a great Tattooist only to be shown the door in under a. Nead was a custom tattoo artist for 12 years, during which time she owned Portland's Icon Tattoo. Martinez is a tattoo artist and the co-owner of Brooklyn's Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour. She has. Nowadays, apprenticeships can cost between 5000 to 10000 dollars. The timeframe is roughly 1 to 2 years to completion. It is a heavy commitment but the reward is reaped for a lifetime as a tattoo artist. For the first 6 months, expect to do mundane studio work like cleaning equipment, sweeping floors, filing paperwork and greeting customers Tattoo University cuts through the BS to help you on your journey to becoming the best tattoo artist you can be. We are not trying to replace a tattoo apprenticeship. Let them learn from my mistakes and give them a place where they can find answers to their questions. If someone is willing to do the work, I want to give them the. My last year of school was also my tattoo apprenticeship, and I got to use what I was learning in school by being the graphic designer for the Shane Oneill Productions tattoo conventions. I got married, graduated college, and started tattooing full time all in the summer of 2012


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Company Name City, State Tattoo Apprentice 06/2020 to 01/2021. Provided clean, high-quality work at all times. Created permanent tattoos using indelible, non-toxic ink. Received and processed customer payments How to Become a Tattoo Apprentice - The Kickstarter Course. To get your apprenticeship in a renowned tattoo studio, you not only need an impressive portfolio, but you also need to stand out from the crowd. Learn all about the evolution of tattoo styles, how to create your killer portfolio, ways to get an apprenticeship, and what you can do if. How to ace your tattoo apprenticeship interview. Here are some hints and tips if you manage to land an opportunity to have an interview: *Bring a portfolio. Make it a full one with lots of drawings, sketches, designs and tracings. Show you have looked into styles of tattoos and take influence

This is why most tattooists begin their career through an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. As an apprentice, you will learn drawing techniques under the supervision of a professional tattoo artist, who will help you develop your own personal style. You will also learn to use and sterilize equipment like needles, ink, and hand-held tattoo machines The cost of your tattoo depends on a number of factors including Size, Placement, Skin Type, and Color vs. Black & Grey. For smaller tattoos, we will generally quote you a price upfront, and we have no shop minimum at Certified. For larger tattoos, your artist may opt to quote you an hourly rate (this is at each artist's discretion)

Dylan Jonze – Faces in the Dark Tattoo ShopInked Exclusive: Mark Wosgereau - Tattoo Ideas, Artists Micah Tattoo Artist | The TTattoo Cover-Ups - Chronic Ink TattoosNathan Riley - 904-249-3335 - Tattoo Shops in Jax BeachMatt Haddon-Reichardt Collaborator On top of his game

Finish an apprenticeship with an established tattoo artist. Contact local tattoo shops in your area and apply for an apprentice position. Once you've secured an apprenticeship, work with your supervisor to learn professional business skills, hygienic work practices, and tattoo design. Many apprenticeships last between 6-12 months Tattoo Artist Job Description Template. We are looking to hire a skilled tattoo artist to create quality tattoos for clients. The tattoo artist's responsibilities include consulting with clients to specifically design tattoos based on their ideas, performing allergy tests, and sterilizing work areas immediately after each tattoo application Crimson Oath Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio located in the heart of Vernon, B.C amidst the beautiful Okanagan valley. We've brought together a strong team of artists from both Canada and the UK. As a team we always strive to give our clients the best possible experience. We specialize in many styles of tattoos, ranging from dark and surreal. Jimmy Munoz started his apprenticeship in March of 2008. Under the supervision of all the artists at Rising Phoenix Tattoo, Jimmy started his career in the tattoo industry. His brother Beto quickly took control of his apprenticeship, teaching Jimmy how to be an artist. He soon found out that a tattoo apprenticeship would engulf all of his time Arizona's Apprenticeship Program. Apprenticeships are a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers. As of June 2021, there are more than 4,000 apprentices participating in over 200 apprenticeship programs in Arizona. Get involved and receive the benefits of being an apprentice, or hosting a program. This opens in a new window 2. One tattoo from the master to the apprentice (included in the course fee) 3. Three small tattoos by the apprentice on him/herself 4. Apprentice starts making actual tattoos on 'volunteers' for free with real time guidance 5. Apprentice completes a minimum of 30 hours tattooing on real clients @ 10% of the total price 6