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The weather definitely affects your hair's moisture. Summertime humidity can make it tricky with the glycerin and winter time frigid air just drys up everything. Stop styling your hair wet .girl, just no. Damp or close to dry is key. Allow your hair to air dry post wash in chunky twists with a dab of moisturizing product in your hair Type 3-centered curly hair advice always has you applying product on wet hair to 'lock in the curl'. On 4C hair, there is no special wet hair curl effect to lock in. 4C's super low porosity means it doesn't take in enough water to create major definition the way other hair types do when wet Why Doesn't 4c Hair Have A Defined Curl Patterns? This hair type has the tightest curls with hairs forming Z's or S s. However, in its raw state (without products), it is impossible to see a defined curl pattern. Such lack of curls is due to its porosity and density

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hair prep for those struggling to hold a curl: Wash less before styling (style on Day 2 dirty hair) When you wash, use a voluminous shampoo (mainly wash your roots) Use less conditioner (or any smoothing products), this essentially smooths and weighs down the hair Aloe vera won't straighten 4C hair, but it will help to smooth and elongate the curl, giving you more manageability. 5. Do Monthly Henna Treatments Henna doesn't have to be reserved for coloring gray hairs Plus, each of these inflection points in the curls are points of weakness, and if the hair isn't properly moisturized or protected, it can mean that these inflection points are more susceptible to breakage. Breakage is the woe of every Type 4 natural, but is especially true for the Type 4c naturals, who are the coiliest of the coilies Unfortunately, long hair tends to equate to heavier hair, which drags your curls down and gives the appearance of stretched curls. This does not happen to all hair types though. Finer hair textures carry less weight, while normal to thick strands have a greater chance of being affected

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Calling all 4C queens! You know that your 4C hair has a unique hair journey, and it can be a lot to handle unless you have the right hair care routine. If you're looking for ways to make your 4C hair more defined with a visible curl pattern, then you need the following products and style techniques Based on several years of having natural hair and tons of research, I will share my top 4C Hair Care Tips that have worked. See my story here. If I was to start all over again with my 4C natural hair, I would use this exact guide to get me started. So, get your coffee/tea, relax and enjoy the read Dry and brittle hair can be a significant contributing factor to your hair not holding curls. Several reasons can cause hair damage to occur, such as poor hair care routines or too much heat from curling or straightening your hair too often. You must have a healthy texture for your curls to last

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  1. First, Tugman says the stylists clarify the hair with Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum ($28) to safely remove product buildup that can prevent moisture from getting into the hair. Next, they follow up with an application of a strengthening mask or conditioning mask or a combination of the two, depending on the client's needs
  2. Hair not absorbing anything!! Including water and product. I putting this post up to try and help my mom figure out what is going on with her hair. Here is the situation. My mom has been natural for 6 months or so and can't figure her hair out. She has a TWA with a mix of 4a and 4b hair. More 4a in the front and 4b in the back
  3. How Wet Your Hair is When You Apply your Leave-in and Styler If your hair is not fully saturated with water when you apply your products, they will be unevenly distributed so that some sections of hair will curl, and others will fall flat, not clump, or frizz
  4. I only wash my hair q 2wks.. My crown and edges are thin, it is soft and fine, I am also taking BP meds. I am not sure if my hair is 4C or a 3. I just want my hair to grow, enhance my natural curl and for my hair not to turn into a afro. Please Hel
  5. We broke down every single curl and natural coil type, from 3a, 3b, and 3c curls to 4a, 4b, and 4c coils, and found the easiest way to style each of them, along with the best curl products and.
  6. Especially when it comes to wash-n-go styling and trying to activate or find a nice curl clump for someone who has 4C hair. And that could be the case with Chanelle and it doesn't mean Cantu curl activator won't work for you and your specific type of 4C hair
  7. One thing you most certainly don't want to do fresh on the heels of flat ironing is co-wash your natural hair. Co-washing is great, but you really need a clarifying shampoo to get up all the humidity-blocking and anti-frizz silicones that allowed your straight natural hair to be great

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  1. 4c natural hair is the kinkiest hair texture in the type 4 hair family. It's coily and springier than type 4a.It also has an s pattern, making it different from the z pattern of 4b hair.. However, 4c natural hair does not always have a defined shape or curl pattern
  2. I have 4b-4c hair and this gel brings out my curl pattern in the most beautiful way. This is the closest thing to gel that I'll use because it doesn't flake. Plus, it doesn't leave my hair hard.
  3. dful that leaving your hair out all day everyday can leave your hair more vulnerable to breakage
  4. Always gently detangle your hair with your fingers before you shampoo. Here's how Spritz your hair with water and begin sectioning it off into 4-6 sections. Start with the first section. Use an inexpensive rinse-out conditioner, and gently guide your coated fingers to the ends of your damp hair until it's detangled
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Another tip could be that you do your whole washing/styling routine upside down, and then also diffuse a little bit with your head flipped over. This usually gives me some more lift at the roots and some more curl, so that the hair won't just lay flat against my scalp. It also helps a little with volume on your entire head, if you like that too 10 Best Curl Refreshing Spray Leave-In Conditoners For 4c Hair. Conditioners, Natural Hair Products Tips; 0 comments; by Adeola (Last Updated On: December 17, 2020) If you have fine natural hair or low-density hair, you might not be able to use thick leave-in conditioners in your hair. These crème based moisturizers can leave your hair feeling weighed down, sticky and uncomfortable my hair after using the Tightly Curly Method by Hadassah Agbaps of www.nappilynigeriangirl.blogspot.com So the new buzz is the Maximum Hydration Method, which claims to define curls in hair with no visible curl pattern and in hair with low porosity (hair that doesn't easily absorb water/moisture and products sit on top of strands) Let's face it: most curl-defining products don't work on 4C hair. From the marketing imagery to what's inside the jar, it's clear; the template hair type for curl definers tends to be looser curls - not the super tight coils and low porosity cuticles of 4C.And while the size of your curls has little impact on whether a product will work, the porosity definitely does You know that 4C hair loves moisture. Don't forget to use a regular moisturizer in your hair like shea butter or avocado oil. This can help your hair retain moisture and lock the strains into place. You'll end up with a more defined curl pattern, but your hair won't shrink up

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  1. There are three primary causes of 4C hair breakage: Manual: This occurs when you're managing your curls in a rough manner. Be gentle with how you navigate through your tresses (set down the comb, and no curl will get hurt!). Physical: This is when you use heat appliances (such as a flat-iron) to alter your hair; additionally, this also.
  2. Every 3C/4A-4C curly girl has her Holy Grail for this problem or is actively finding one. Mine is gel. I have two gels that keep my hair from frizzing out of control without causing dryness or flakes and leave my hair soft. Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel are my go to gels
  3. Feb 18, 2006. #8. I agree that your flatiron is definitely the problem. My first ceramic flatiron was a $12.99 Conair, and I was wondering why my hair wasn't looking like it did when I went to the salon and they used a CHI. I moved up to a $40 iron from Sally's (forget the brand) and that was a whole new world
  4. But maintaining these natural curls isn't a joke. Kinky, coily hair requires more nourishment and is more prone to tangles and frizz. So it's necessary to use a good leave-in conditioner for 4c hair to keep your curls looking soft, bouncy, and healthy
  5. Low porosity 4C's don't need to use much product. It smells amazing. And here are the cons of using TGIN Curl Bomb on 4C hair. CONS: It flakes on a lot of 4c's. It makes your hair crunchy if you don't oil afterward. Many complained that it leaves a residue. It doesn't have great hold for 4C hair
  6. About My Hair: Low porosity, 4c, color-treated with lots of shrinkage . My type 4c hair is pretty predictable. Well, when I say predictable, I mean I know what methods work on my hair, but I can't guarantee how the elements affect it. I know for sure that my hair loves water and needs lots of it to ensure any product can penetrate the cuticle
  7. She adds that highly-textured hair types, like curls and natural coils, are likely low porosity, as is Asian hair. There are three main ways to assess your low porosity: It takes forever for water and products to penetrate, the hair resists chemical processes, and — the most annoying one — it takes forever to dry, Bomani says

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Of course, every single hair type has its own unique set of needs, but 4C hair is particularly picky, requiring lots of moisture and gentle detangling. While personal habits play a significant role in the quality of your tresses, the right products can make a huge difference in both curl definition and the softness of your hair. Kinky coils. Hair growth does not occur immediately. Generally, hair grows at roughly ½ inch per month. This means that the typical head of hair will grow six inches per year. Depending on your personal genetics, your hair may grow more quickly or more slowly. Some ethnic groups have a tendency to be above or below the mean; but since the world has become. Moisturizing tips for curly, type 3 hair: If you notice your ends are dry, apply a conditioner meant for daily use, like NaturAll's Avocado Leave In Conditioner. Seal in moisture, by applying a lightweight oil when hair is wet. Avocado oil is all natural, and won't weigh your hair down If you do curl the hair when it is already on your head wrap a towel around your neck and use a mug to apply the water to the hair section by section. Proceed with caution and make sure you have another towel near by to drain the water from the roller and to protect the water from hitting your scalp. Tip: For longer lasting curls drain the.

4. Your Hair Has Too Much Product Buildup. I'm a silicone girl. I use them as a heat protector when I straighten and I like them in my conditioners for easy detangling. The issue with this is that eventually the products buildup on the hair, and without an effective shampoo to remove it, moisture is unable to penetrate the hair shaft. Also. While other hair types are encouraged not to brush hair when it's wet, as it's true this is when hair is most fragile, with curls brushing dry hair just won't do. The key is to use a hair brush that's safe for wet strands and to make sure you're especially gentle. It's also smart to finish your shower with a hair mask or deep. Just don't touch your hair too much and you won't get sticky hands. reviews from women with 4c type hair. My daughter and I have 4c hair and I wanted a brush that wasn't going to rip our.

When I say your 4C hair has met its match with this curl cream, I mean it. Perfect for kinky-curly textures that are on the finer side, You won't be able to stop playing with your hair. The curl classification system was first popularized by Oprah Winfrey's longtime hairstylist, Andre Walker. It breaks hair into four categories: type 1 is straight, type 2 is wavy, type 3 is curly. Here's the thing about styling curly hair: It is deeply personal. What works for your BFF and her 4c hair probably won't do much for your 3b curls—even if the product labels tell you otherwise.

My hair is a combination of type 4B/4C, it is a thin density hair with fine texture and my hair porosity is low. With everything mentioned above, I would love if you gave me a profile of your hair in the comment section below! If you found this post helpful, please share. sharing is caring! xoxo, Catherine Flexible Curling Rods give fabulous waves sans the harm that you'd get from using a separate hot curling iron (bye bye heat damage!) after straightening — just roll your wet or dry hair into the. Win-win. While it can feel like an annoying add-on to your curl care routine, make sure you;re scheduling in regular time to add a deep conditioning treatment to your curl care routine. Deep conditioners help fight frizz by adding back in moisture, softening strands, and adding shine. When your curls are properly hydrated, they'll be much less. When it has to do with balancing and improving the texture of your curls, part your hair in 4 sections while keeping your hair wet. Use a curl styling cream and a great leave-in conditioner that has a few key components like thermal protection to nourish and protect your gorgeous hair. How We Chose. Full transparency: I don't have 4c hair

So even if you're diligently co-washing your hair every single day, you won't be doing much to you can use a clarifying shampoo once a month on curly or natural hair (think: 3a curls to 4c. After standing over the sink and cutting my damaged curls (which were the result of a series of experiments with chemicals in 2017), I eventually found a stylist that created a safe space for me to experience my curl journey and learn more about my natural hair in a healthy and positive way 7. Curly Magic Curl Stimulator - Best Curl Stimulator for 4c Hair. The Curly Magic Curl Stimulator is magical for resolving the problem of tight or knot hair by promoting a healthy surface. It has natural Aloe Vera, Marshmallow extracts, and Chamomile for strong hair growth

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The Mist-er Right Dream Curl Refresher ($20) is great to use on those in-between wash days when your hair needs a boost of hydration, but you don't want to load your hair up with more product. Lavender oil helps soothe and nourish the scalp (plus, it smells great). I love to use it after a workout or whenever my curls need a bit of love In this tutorial, Annesha Adams breaks down four (!) different protective bedtime styles for your 4c hair (though, FYI, any tighter curl types can benefit from these tips and tutorials): loose.

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For wavy 2A to 2C hair, aim for lighter products like the Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse, as recommended by Bergamy. It adds moisture and is excellent at keeping curls and waves in place, she says. 4. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie won't break your hair or the bank. Most natural hair products are water-based, but aloe is the main ingredient here — and your hair will.

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Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Defining Cream helps seal in moisture and control frizz for defined, manageable and bouncy locks. Formulated with Rice Curl Complex - a blend of rice, keratin amino acids, and enzymes to hydrate, condition, protect, and enhance curl retention. On damp hair apply a small amount evenly from roots to ends, adding more. I haven't had chemicals in my hair for more than 20 years when I cut my hair to short and natural. I started growing my hair longer 18 months ago and didn't want to add any chemicals or texturizers. This product is great for adding moisture, creating curls and leaving my hair shiny and soft. I've recommended it to friends and use it every day 10 curl activators that won t dry out naturallycurly com best curl activator for 4c natural hair cantu review before after 11 best curl activators to online in 2021 best curl activator for natural hair 2021 how to get cantu shea er for natural hair curl activator cream curl activator gel old school product 3 brand new uses bglh marketplace sofn. 1) consistent manipulation. 2) lack of daily moisture. 3) lack of frequent conditioning. 4) excessive heat usage. 5) absence of trims when necessary/over trimming. If you have hand in hair syndrome (I do at LEAST once a month) then you are constantly touching your hair, braiding and re -braiding, twisting and re-twisting, etc Watch this video tutorial on how I got curls on my hard to curl 4c hair finally. If you read my earlier post, you would see how I elaborate on how it was difficult for me to get natural curls on my tightly coil hair.That was one of the reason I want grow my hair natural

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I am at a loss with my daughters hair. She is 3 years old and the front just won't grow. She had hair as a baby then it all fell out, now it's finally finally coming in very very very slowly but the frontthe front just won't . I'm not sure what to do. I don't wash it but every 2-3 weeks maybe even 4, I condition when I do Heat damage can be repaired if it's not too severe. Some of the curls will be revived if the damage is not severe. Heat damaged hair requires moisture and protein boost to bring it back to health. Some of the steps in repairing heat damaged hair include (i) taking a break from heat (ii) examine your hair care practices (iii) get products that suit heat damaged hair (iv) condition the right way. obviously I can't do any protective styles because my hair is too short, therefore I cannot tuck away and protect my hair strands from tangling and damage - so it's like a cycle where my hair never gains growth. Btw I have 4c hair , 4c hair behaves a bit better when stretched from my experience


Just grab your water spray bottle, fill it with clean water and spritz your hair. You can then shake your hair out to help it lift your curls again. You don't need to add any more product to your hair unless you feel that it is necessary. The water on its own should be sufficient to reactivate your curls. Final Thoughts On A 4C Wash And G As my 4c hair grows out, in all honesty, it hasn't been the easiest to detangle. This made consider a keratin treatment. It wasn't my goal to change my texture so I can have some waves or spirals. It was done out of needing my hair just to work with me a tad bit more with tangles and breakage

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6 Reasons your natural hair is not growing. 1. You play too much. As you start on your journey to grow your natural hair, you will probably be tempted to play about with it, imagine what certain hairstyles will look like the more it grows or just flat out experiment. Stop right there Here are 8 reasons why your twist outs don't work: 1. You Rob Peter to Pay Paul. I'm not sure where this saying rob Peter to pay Paul came from, but it's one I have heard all my Jamaican life. Think of it like this, you're preparing to twist your hair. You have your section and have separated it into two unequal parts, inadvertently My hair won't stop flipping out at the ends...? I straighten my hair about twice a week but it's really starting to annoy me. My hair is about 2 or 3 inches past my shoulders (when straightened). And my hair is layered. Everytime i straighten it the two long bottom layers of my hair flip out everywhere. It's really starting to annoy me

The front of my hair won't curl! 05-28-2012, 12:36 PM. Hi! I'm newly natural and I need a little advice. For some background, I transitioned from March 2011-May 2012 with mini-chops along the way. Throughout my transition, I noticed that the front of my hair didn't curl like the rest, but I thought that maybe it just didn't grow as fast Once you've finished styling your hair, the final step is to leave them alone! Don't touch your curls! As your hair dries the water and the styler will help your curls set and hold your clumps into place. Messing around with damp curls is the perfect way to disrupt your curl pattern and encourage frizz Moisture Retention. Moisture is important for any living thing to grow and the same rings true for growing out your 4C hair to the length you desire. Moisture begins with water, obviously

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8. Sleep in a satin bonnet. At night, cover your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf to retain moisture while you sleep. 4C queens need to protect their hair at all times whether it's during the day or night.There are two types of cover-ups we can use for the hair. One from silk and another from satin How I Grew My Natural 4C Hair Fast. 4B & 4C Hair / Black African Hair / Afro Curly Hair. If your hair is breaking or damaged we advise to use a hot oil treatment for fast natural hair growth. I recommend trying the Moringa and Honey oil treatment, which can help in the long run to grow your natural hair fast. I have written about issues. 3A-3C: Amika Curl Defining Cream. Try using this defining cream for your ringlets. It's potent and will definitely bring out the natural beauty of your hair's unique texture. Work a small. 4c curls are less likely to have natural shine, and don't tend to hold moisture as well as other types of curls. Don't despair, though! With the right type of care and maintenance, your natural curls will be gorgeous and healthy. 1. Beat shrinkage and breakage: If your hair is prone to shrinkage, it also can be more likely to tangle Arguably - Understanding your hair porosity is one of the most important things you need to do in order to build an effective 4C hair care routine.. There are 4 easy and common methods to test 4C hair porosity. These include: (i) Float Test, (ii) Slip and Slide Test, (iii) Dry Test and (iv) Water Shed Test

According to blogger Emily Evert, Curly hair makes a full 360-degree spiral around, forming a complete circle where it twists. Wavy hair is more of an S shape, going from side to side. Tighter waves can create loose spirals or corkscrews, but won't complete a full circle at the same height If you have 4c natural hair and looking for a protective style that won't cost you an arm and leg, Look no further then Finger Coils. With just a twist of a finger, you'll be able to achieve defined, shiny, and beautiful curls that'll last for many days or weeks. Finger curls on 4c hair are super easy to do Argan and rose hip oils are optional additions to quench your curls. 10. Aztec Clay Hair Mask. Those with 4C curls should definitely try an Aztec clay hair mask for added hydration. All you need. Yesterday I got my hair cut for the first time since 2019. I have very frizzy 3A/B hair, and have had many bad haircuts in my life, so I spent a several hours searching for the top-rated curly hairstylist in my city, and wound up booking an appointment with a stylist who had excellent reviews. As part of the intake process, she requested I send. Those with curly hair know the deal. Whether you have 2C waves or 4C coiles, you know how badly hats can damage your curls. Baseball caps, winter beanies—they all smash the curl pattern.

3. A curling custard. 4. Gel (please don't get regular gel, it's really not good for natural hair. There are gels specifically made for natural hair. When buying your gel check your hair texture to know if you need a strong gel or a soft gel) 5. A cutting comb. 6 My Hair Is Naturally Curly But Won T Curl Anymore. How to find your curl type and care tips for the four types of hair texture from 2a to 3b to 4c, plus a curly hair type chart to help you identify your curl pattern. My journey to embracing my natural texture and natural curl pattern has not been an easy or a short road

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Yet, 4c hair has a few typical characteristics that make it stand out from the curl pack. 4c hair doesn't retain moisture easily and dries out quickly, more so than other looser curl patterns. 4c hair is prone to a fair amount of shrinkage. It can shrink up to 75%. 4c hair is vulnerable to tangling and matting, if not properly taken care of Does my curly hair affect the length of my hair? Yes, it does. Although this does not mean it affects hair growth. The length of your hair is relative to how curly your hair is. For instance, type 4C hair has the most coil, and this is correlative to hair shrinking. Therefore, the more curly your hair, the more shrunk it gets

Best Curl Cream for Dry, Thick Hair: 1. TGIN Twist and Define Cream. Infused with coconut oil and vitamin E, this curl cream is like a glass of water for extra-thirsty hair, moisturizing your. Use the rosehip oil and vitamin B-infused formula once a week and it'll moisturize and repair your curls, whipping weak and damaged 4b hair into shape in no time. 6. Best Detangling Brush for 4b. Personally, this is one of my favorites curl creams to get my 4C in formation. I love that this antioxidant-filled formula made with oat peptides that form a protective barrier on the hair I often talk about the importance of keeping your natural hair stretched for length retention here on BHI. Keeping your hair stretched, particularly if you have type 4 hair that doesn't clump and tends to coil and curl around itself is important for preventing single strand knots which then subsequently cause breakage. Flexi rod sets are an excellent way to stretch your hair

The heat settings of the blow dryer are sufficient for your 4c hair. You won't have to worry about overheating your curls. There are times you want an extended style with the best blow dryer for 4c natural hair. That style shouldn't destroy your natural hair. There are also 2-speed settings options and a cold shot button as well Just like your genetics, your age may also be the reason why your hair just won't grow. A lifetime of heat styling, processing, bleaching, dyeing, and a less than ideal diet may all contribute to your hair weakening as you get older. So, that six year cycle we talked about now becomes a two-year cycle, making the hair thinner, as well as unable. When you think your hair is dry, choose random straws and check them for dryness. Your hair needs to be 100% dry for the curls to set successfully. If your hair is the least bit moist, the curls will not last, and your natural hair texture will begin to come back. Once you know for sure that your hair is 100% dry, it's time to remove the straws My hair is wavy to curly except for an 1 1/2 inch section on the top of my head, from my forehead to crown. Those straight hairs fall to each side (right AND left) and cover my curly hair. I don't know what to do with this straight hair but to curl it with a curling iron If your curls don't return, try applying 2 or 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise to your hair to add extra moisture. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes, then wash it out with shampoo. You can also try adding a hair serum to the ends of your hair to enhance your curls. Make sure to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends and heat damage IF you have normal tangles or afro-textured 3a to 4c curly, wavy, coily, kinky hair, this is the routine brush for you. SHOWER with your hair soaking wet and with conditioner. Cut down your detangling time with better result. THE users surprised with the brush result they never have and the super comfortable grip the rubber handle gives

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