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Chrysanthemum 'Overture' Common Name: Hardy Garden Mum. Adding a fifth color to the AUTUMN CRESCENDO™ Series started by Rika Bronsther, this new red mum is a sport of the gold 'Bolero' discovered at Walters Gardens, Inc Chrysanthemum 'Overture.' I planted them this spring and they are the first mums to bloom in my garden this fall. They are red with a yellow center, though not a true red. We pulled up the first sweet potato vine last weekend and found one decent sized sweet potato and a few small ones Chyrsanthemum AUTUMN CRESCENDO 'Overture'. This hardy garden mum is a super survivor, even in the north. The easy to grow mound is smothered in deep russet red, daisy-like flowers late in the season. Skip to main conten Overture 35 WP Insecticide works primarily on contact but also works through ingestion as well. On many plants (such as chrysanthemums, hibiscus, poinsettia, and gerbera daisy) Overture 35 WP Insecticide demonstrates translaminar activity allowing for control of thrips even when you may not be able thoroughly spray under the leaf

I do not own Pacific Overtures. I merely noticed that there was a sad shortage of this incredible musical on Youtube, and decided to remedy that. Enjoy Overture 35 WP Insecticide also has strong translaminar activity on a variety of plants, including poinsettia, hibiscus, gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums. Overture insecticide applied to upper leaf surface will rapidly penetrate the leaf cuticle, and can subsequently be ingested by immature and adult insects feeding on the lower leaf surface

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  1. g, the plants should be fertilized regularly throughout the growing season
  2. Chrysanthemums come with lots of colourful and attractive specimens to choose from. The most eye-catching varieties include 'Bolero', 'Cheryl Pink', 'Fireglow Bronze', 'Harmony', 'Jolly Cheryl', 'Matchsticks', 'Overture', 'Rhumba', 'Samba', 'Will's Wonderful', and C. carinatum
  3. ar activity on a variety of plants, including poin-settia, hibiscus, gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums. Overture 35 WP Insecticide applied to the upper lea
  4. Chrysanthemum was described as 'a melodrama in ragtime' which gave the clue that this was a burlesque of Edwardian shows. The authors, Neville Phillips and Robin Chancellor with composer Robb Stewart, had originally planned to adapt a play of the Edwardian period but those they found either had the wrong atmosphere or proved unavailable ('the agent had proved to be rather greedy'). And.
  5. Pacific Overtures is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by John Weidman.. The show is set in Japan beginning in 1853 and follows the difficult westernization of Japan, told from the point of view of the Japanese. In particular, the story focuses on the lives of two friends caught in the change. Sondheim wrote the score in a quasi-Japanese style of parallel 4ths and.
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Listen to Chrysanthemum: Overture And Alexander on Spotify. Chrysanthemum Orchestra · Song · 2009 Pyridalyl was registered as Overture for use on ornamental horticulture plants in greenhouses with foliar applications in the United States in 2008. The label recommends use on ornamental horticulture plants with testing by the grower. From 2010 to 2013, the IR-4 Project conducted 46 trials on 13 ornamental plant species examining phytotoxicity related to Overture applications. In these trials, no injury was noted chrysanthemum OVERTURE red hardy mum shasta daisy 2.5 pot = 1 Live Potted Plant. $12.98. Buy It Now +$8.99 shipping. Last one. 19 watchers. S 0 U p I 8 O o 5 n s Y A o r e d 4 W L. Watch. chrysanthemum BANANA CREAM new yellow mum shasta 2.5 pot = 1 Live Potted Plant. $13.98. Save up to 10% when you buy more. Buy It No Garden Mum 'Overture', Ibu Florist 'Overture', Hardy Garden Mum 'Overture', Dendranthema 'Overture' Menambah kecemerlangan di taman akhir musim, Chrysanthemum 'Overture' adalah seorang ibu kebun yang tangguh yang menampilkan semprotan warna cokelat muda yang kaya, seperti bunga daisy, dihiasi dengan pusat emas yang cerah Chrysanthemum Overture, sukurianti blizgesį vėlyvojo sezono sode, yra kieta sodo mama, kuriuose yra gausus purvinas iš ryškių raudonų, ramunėlių gėlių, papuoštų ryškiu auksiniu centru. Žiedai išbluko į terakotą, kai sezonas progresuoja. Žydėjimas nuo vasaros pabaigos iki vėlyvo rudens, daugiasluoksniai stiebai yra.

Red Varieties: Chrysanthemum 'Jolly Cheryl', Chrysanthemum 'Ruby Mound', Chrysanthemum 'Overture' These popular perennial plants bloom in late summer to fall, bringing bright splashes of color to the garden. Chrysanthemums have bushy growth habits, forming dense and compact mounds of deep green foliage accented by cheerful flowers Garden Mum, Mammoth Daisy Red. Write a review. Red mums are a must for vibrant fall color. $14.95. In stock. SKU. prod002463. Semi-double blooms are bright red with perfect round yellow disks. Mammoth (TM) Daisies are exceptional garden mums, developed by the University of Minnesota for vigor and hardiness

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  1. Three new Chrysanthemum ×hybrida, garden chrysanthemum cultivars: Red Daisy, White Daisy, and Coral Daisy, are the first in the Mammoth™ series that are advanced interspecific hybrids derived from an open-pollinated cross between hexaploid C. weyrichii (Maxim.) Tzvelv. × C. ×grandiflora Tzvelv. These cultivars are backcross or inbred derivatives of the original interspecific F 1 hybrids
  2. Chrysanthemum Common Name: Hardy Mum. New hardy mums selected for their hardiness, vigor and mammoth size from the University of Minnesota. These mums take several years to reach their mature height and form. Very easy care requiring no pinching, pruning, or deadheading. Requires at least half a day of full sun for best flowering. Heat tolerant.
  3. What Do the Sizes Mean on Trees and Shrubs? Generally, the bigger the number, the bigger the price, the bigger the plant. Plants with a number sign (#) followed by a number are roughly equivalent to gallon pot sizes (i.e. #2 = 2 gallon, #3 = 3 gallon and so on). These plants are sold in containers. Plants with a height (i.e. 5-6') indicate an estimate of the current height of the plant
  4. ‎Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Chrysanthemum, including Overture & Alexander, Watch Your Step, Mary Ann, and many more. Buy the album for $7.
  5. Growers should be scouting their chrysanthemums for symptoms of tomato spotted wilt virus. So far in 2016, tomato spotted wilt virus has been detected on five cultivars in chrysanthemum crops in multiple greenhouses. Tomato spotted wilt virus, a tospovirus, is vectored in the greenhouse by western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)

Overture was tested as foliar treatment typically three times at approximately 14 days interval or as a single drench application. The foliar application rates were 8, 16 and 32 oz per 100 gal Chrysanthemum sp. Gerbera sp. Impatiens sp. Petunia sp. Tagetes sp. Verbena sp. Zinnia sp. Table 2. List of Overture treated crops where more. Chrysanthemum (Original London Cast) Various Artists Soundtrack · 2015 Preview SONG TIME Overture and Alexander. Roy Lowe Orchestra. 1. 3:36 PREVIEW. 'Overture' de maman de jardin, 'Overture' de maman de fleur, 'Overture' de maman de jardin de Hardy, 'Overture' de Dendranthema. Ajoutant brillance dans le jardin de fin de saison, Chrysanthemum 'Overture' est une maman de jardin hardy avec des pulvérisations abondantes de riches fleurs rouges rousses, semblables à des marguerites, ornées d'un centre doré brillant

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Pacific Overtures. Original Broadway Version (1976) Two friends caught in the inevitable winds of change tell of Japan's painful and harrowing Westernization. Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman (authors of Assassins) mix elements of Kabuki theatre with the conventions of the Broadway musical in Pacific Overtures, a highly original, inventive.

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  1. The White Chrysanthemum is an English musical in three acts by Arthur Anderson and Leedham Bantock, with lyrics by Anderson and music by Howard Talbot.First produced at the Tyne Theatre, Newcastle, 23rd April 1904, it opened at the Criterion Theatre, produced by Frank Curzon and directed by Austen Hurgon, on 31 August 1905 and ran for 179 performances, closing on 10 February 1906
  2. Get a free MP3 of Scott Joplin - The Chrysanthemum, An Afro-American Intermezzo. And don't forget to sign up for the Daily Download newsletter to get a bonus download of Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture' - and so you never miss a free classical track
  3. ers are the common species that infest garden mums. Adult females puncture the leaf surface and lay eggs inside the leaf with their ovipositor. The eggs hatch into larvae that tunnel between the upper and lower leaf surfaces, creating white blotches and twisting
  4. ates aphids and whiteflies. It provides residual control by quickly inhibiting insect feeding. Endeavor is highly compatible with beneficial insects, making it an ideal tool for integrated pest management (IPM) programs in the greenhouse and nursery
  5. Responsibility [music by Robb Stewart ; books and lyrics by Neville Phillips & Robin Chancellor]. Uniform Title Chrysanthemum. Selections Imprint Hollywood, Calif. : AEI, p1979
  6. There was a ten year gap between the American and London stage premieres of Frank Loesser and George Abbott's Where's Charley, mostly owing to the popularity in London of the non-musical original by Brandon Thomas, and the search for a suitable lead -- Ray Bolger had done the role of Charley Wyckeham on Broadway, in a production that ran a then-very-substantial 792 performances (plus the.

Overture Man by Amouage is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Overture Man was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Karine Vinchon Spehner. Top notes are Cognac, Cumin, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Saffron, Grapefruit and Ginger; middle notes are Myrrh, Benzoin, Labdanum, Cinnamon, Mastic or Lentisque, Patchouli and Geranium; base notes are Sandalwood, Smoke, Animal. Fall Chrysanthemum Virtue, Xiu Min is a light element monster. It is a 10 stars physical monster which costs 150 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons. The skill calls Yellow Season. Physical type cards ATK x2 for 1 turn. Randomly spawn 6 Light orbs from non Light orbs. The leader skill calls Devotion to Innocence. All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking.

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  1. The White Chrysanthemum. A lyrical comedy in 3 Acts by Leedham Bantock and Arthur Anderson. Lyrics by Arthur Anderson. Music by Howard Talbot. Criterion Theatre, London - Opened 31 August, 1905; closed 10 February, 1906 (179 perfs)
  2. ee from the Liberal Party to be elected to the presidency. A supporter of civil service reform, Tilden rose into pro
  3. Imagine what the William Tell Overture would look like in fireworks...and you get Color Concerto! White chrysanthemums 5. Silver Crackles 6. Gold zig-zag 7. Gold chrysanthemum + Green zig-zag 8. Gold chrysanthemum + Green zig-zag 9. White chrysanthemum + red zig-zag 10. White chrysanthemum + red zig-zag 11. Green zig-zag + crackle
  4. Imagine what the William Tell Overture would look like in fireworks...and you get Color Concerto! Silver Chrysanthemums, Green Stars / Blue Stars & Silver Crackles 4. Gold Flowers, Lemon Stars, Orange Stars / Yellow Stars & Silver Crackles 5. Gold Crackling Flowers, Lemon & Purple Stars / Blue Stars & Titanium Crackles 6. Strobing Eyes Size.
  5. g from late summer to lat
  6. Overture And Alexander: A2: Hubert Gregg - Watch Your Step: A3: Patricia Moore (6), Roger Gage - Mary Ann: A4: Hubert Gregg - Sorry You've Been Troubled: A5: Hubert Gregg, Pat Kirkwood - Is This Love? A6: Raymond Newell And The Girls* - Understanding: A7: Hubert Gregg, Pat Kirkwood - Love Is A Game: A8: Company* - First Act Finale.

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  1. Soundtrack Credits. Una furtiva lagrima. from L'elisir d'amore. Gaetano Donizetti. O mio Babbino caro. (from Gianni Schicchi) Composed by Giacomo Puccini. Overture to 'La Gazza ladra'. Composed by Gioachino Rossini
  2. Chrysanthemum. Similar to a peony, a chrysanthemum has a spherical break of colored stars, though its stars leave behind a trail of sparks
  3. The First Family of Fireworks. Fireworker Antonio Zambelli ventured from Italy in 1893 to establish the Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Company in New Castle, Pennsylvania, which was to become a center for America's fireworks industry. Building on the grand tradition Antonio began, subsequent generations of Zambellis are now known.
  4. 2015年にCHRYSANTHEMUM BRIDGEの保本真吾に出会い、3年の制作期間を経て完成された。このインターバルについて新津は「楽曲制作にも時間はかかったが、それ以上に自分の精神面が変化したことに一番、3 Overture. 作曲・編曲:.

Academic Festival Overture (Brahms) Serenade for Strings, Movement 2 (Elgar) Symphony No. 4, Movement 4 (Tchaikovsky) 2009 Program - Morgantown, WV. Dr. Mitchell Arnold, Conductor. Romeo & Juliet (Tchaikovsky) Nabucco Overture (Verdi) Chrysanthemum' (Puccini) 2008 Program - Wheeling, WV. Dr. Stephen Gage, Conductor. Russian Easter Overture. Italy (Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum) Italy (Italian: Italia ), officially the Kingdom of Italy (Italian: Regno d'Italia ), is a country in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, West Austria, and Illyria along the Alps. To the south, it consists of the entirety of the Italian Peninsula, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia and.

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13 track albu Princess Haiku Visits a Magenta Chrysanthemum in Her Dreams This is a reprint of one of my favorite posts and the date on the flowers is wrong as they are from 2005. Sigh, it took me a year to figure out how to change the date in my digital camera Taking place in 19th century Japan, the story concerns the culture clash sparked by America's 1853 mission to open up Japan to the West. Up to this point, Japan had been an island empire living in peace for centuries, undisturbed by foreign intruders. However, once Commodore Perry and the Americans arrive, a civilization of timeles Florence Klotz - Pacific Overtures. Description: This is Broadway was a series of short radio interviews with Broadway luminaries conducted by Isobel Robins and Richard Seff. The interviews, produced by The League of New York Theatres and Producers (now the Broadway League), were used to promote Broadway circa 1977 and syndicated to radio.

Listen to your favorite songs from Lehár: Overtures & Waltzes by Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now The following is a list of Izuna's commands throughout the series. The following is Izuna's action list in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-. GAMEPLA Carmen Overture is the 49th stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 28. With 903 tiles per round, this is the 15th longest song in the game, like Humoresque No.7 and it is very difficult. Combining extreme high speed with a length of 903 tiles, this song is maybe one of the Hardest Song in Piano Tiles 2. The current world record is 6434 by Glory YT. This stage is.

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The White Chrysanthemum: | | ||| | |Isabel Jay| in the title role | | |... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available. Discover Classical and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra are pleased to announce that starting January 2021, Concert Night with the Dayton Philharmonic on Discover Classical will move to SUNDAY nights! Every Sunday night, Discover Classical will broadcast a previously recorded concert from the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for the southwest Ohio region to tune in and enjoy [ The White Chrysanthemum is an English musical in three acts by Henry Lytton. [2] Louie Pounds later joined the cast. The musical enjoyed various international productions including one at the Kings Theatre in Melbourne, Australia in 1917 starring Barry Lupino Chapter 9: Resurrection Overture (IX) {cw: threats of rape via beastiality (I've marked the worst of the content in question with ↓ ↓ at the beginning and ↑ ↑ at the end of those sections), brief transmisogyny} Once again, Qi Leren felt his chrysanthemum tighten. ↑. 【両公演ともチケットは7月5日10時より発売いたします】 広島ウインドオーケストラは 9月21日(火)京都・9月22日(水)名古屋 にて特別公演を開催いたします。 メンバー一同からのご挨拶と感謝の気持ちを込めた特別なプログラムで、みなさまのご来場をお待ちしております

William Tell Overture is the 52nd stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 18. It was considered as one of the Hardest songs in Piano Tiles with speedy spacing tiles in Piano Tiles and you need to be carefully when you get 2 stars. The current world record is 3513 by Glory YT. Add a photo to this gallery This stage is very difficult due to the maximum game speed. Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - commemorating the Russian defeat of Napoleon - has scant connection with American independence. But audiences have decided that no better music exists to accompany Roman candles, parachutes, hummers, and chrysanthemum shells - especially here in Minnesota

Evan Kim: Destiny Overture, World Premier Anton Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 From the New World Evan (Chan Hee) Kim, our student composer of Overture in G minor,Destiny May 16 & 17 Salute to Three B's Johannes Brahms Concerto No. 1 in D minor, piano soloist Nicholas King Leonard Bernstein Overture to Candid Richard Rodgers, Soundtrack: The Talented Mr. Ripley. He met Lorenz Hart in 1918 who was to write lyrics for Richard for the next 25 years. The produced many successful songs and musicals such as 'Pal Joey' and 'The Boys From Syracuse'. In 1943 Richard teamed up with Oscar Hammerstein to make a musical version of the play 'How Green Was Your Valley' which became 'Oklahoma' Richard also. The Overture to Die Fledermaus for Strings: Mozart: Deh Vienii, Non Tardar from The Marriage of Figaro: Dvorak: Song to the Moon: Massernet: Meditation from Thais fro violin and piano: Puccini: The Chrysanthemums for Strings: Bernstein: Maria from Westside Story: Puccini: Nessun Dorma from Turendo

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the moon, she is... | a community list poem. a guiding light a love poem my nighttime companion shapeshifting confidant collector of dreams light in darkness midnight's beating heart... 0. 8 likes. Post not marked as liked. bloodmoonpoetry BERGENIA cordifolia Overture. Bright rose pink flowers in March-April. Any soil. Ht. 40cm. Sp. 50cm. £ 5.50. Pot Size. Choose an option 9cm Clear selection. In stock. Add to basket Chrysanthemum morifolium, also called hardy garden mums, tend to survive the winter better than smaller, more delicate varieties. Hardy mums, including these Mammoth varieties, come back year after year, and can be divided to create even bigger and bolder displays

Shop Better Homes & Gardens Lightweight Decor Fabric 57 Overture Natural at JOANN fabric and craft store online to stock up on the best supplies for your project. Explore the site today Chrysanthemum Terrace especially appeared to be a crowd favourite, judging from the audiences' positive response to the piece. Programme Overture in C Major, Op. 24 FELIX MENDELSSOHN Mars, the Bringer of War GUSTAV HOLST Sweet Dreams LOW SHAO SUAN Dancing by the Streams LOW SHAO YING String Quartet no. 1 , 1st Movt EDVARD GRIE 'The Chrysanthemum and the Sword' Megan's desire to leave the agency and begin acting again and the sexual overture made by Beth, the wife of Pete's fellow commuter, to Pete after she.

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Pacific Overtures Lyrics. Screenwriter is J. Weidman. Songwriter is S. Sondheim. The first show of the play took place in November 1975 in Boston's Shubert Theatre. In December 1975, production took place in the Kennedy Center Opera House The program consisted of Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 in A, Op. 90, Rossini's, Overture to The Italian Girl in Algiers, Puccini's Chrysanthemums, and Respighi's Pines of Rome. A lot has changed in these 100 months. There have been leadership changes at almost all of Little Rock's cultural institutions MIXING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Partially fill spray tank with water, then add labeled amount of ENSTAR® II, agitate, and complete filling. 2. Use diluted spray solution within 24 hours chrysanthemum daylily English ivy iris hemlock hollyhock hosta impatien meadow rue pansy phlox rhododendron sedum spindle tree sunflower tulip wood hyacinth yew Additional Information Careful plant selection is an excellent way to reduce deer and rabbit problems in your garden

370 South Main Street. Yuma, Arizona 85364 (800) 883-184 'S Wonderful (1) 16th notes (1) 1812 Overture (2) 1812 Overture string sheet music (1) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1) Chrysanthemum (1) Chrysanthemum art (1) church music (1) cider house rules (2). Switch from a nitrogen based fertilizer to an even houseplant fertilizer or one made for poinsettias, and reduce fertilizing by half. Begin the routine of long nights/short days needed to initiate buds: 13 hours of uninterrupted darkness, 11 hours of bright sunshine each day. Keep temperatures in the low 60's at night While Beethoven's Coriolanus Overture was played, the Führer's massive wreath of red roses and white chrysanthemums was carried in by two S.S. men. The family entered, greeted silently by the gathering. The Gauleiter's wife was accompanied by Reichsleiter Rosenberg Tracklist: 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Now - Eric Flynn 3. Later - Bonaventura Bottone 4. Soon - Janis Kelly 5. The Glamorous Life - Sian Phillips 6. You Must Meet My Wife - Sian Phillips & Eric Flynn 7. Liaisons - Elisabeth Welch 8. A Weekend In The Country - Company 9. It Would Have Been Wonderful - Jason Howard & Eric Flynn 10

Overture 04:31:35 Tchaikovsky Brilliant Classics 99792/6 502842197926 7 Philharmonia/Muti 07:01 Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 3 02622 No. 3 04:52:17 Handel Musicians of the Erato 94354 745099435424 Louvre/Minkowski 05:00:48 Puccini06:04 Chrysanthemums 10991 Klanglogo 1400 403740801400 7 Quartetto di Cremon Variations - Over a theme from the Magic Flute by Mozart Op . 9 • Revised and fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson. La despedida - Fantasia no. 6, Op. 21 • Revised and fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson. Five pieces for guitar • Revised and fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson. Gran Solo, Op. 14 • Revised and fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson Chapter 11: Resurrection Overture (XI) Unfortunately, Qi Leren could escape his date with the Illusionist, but he couldn't escape his one with Chen Baiqi. Since there was no specific time for the day's training, Qi Leren got up early the next morning. When he got up, he thought he would suffer from a sore back due to training too hard. Bahçe Anne 'Overture', Çiçekçi Annesi 'Overture', Hardy Bahçe Anne 'Overture', Dendranthema 'Overture' Sezon sonu bahçesine parlaklık katan Chrysanthemum 'Overture', parlak bir altın merkez ile süslenmiş, zengin russet kırmızısı, papatya benzeri çiçeklerin bol spreylerini içeren sert bir bahçe anasıdır

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LEAF Burger 16. 8oz Angus burger with fried onion, shiitake mushroom marmalade, tomato, American cheese, barbeque aioli sauce. Served with a side of shoestring fries. Salt and Pepper Popcorn Chicken 11. Quesadillas 11. Wings - Choice of Buffalo Sauce or General Tso's Sauce 12. Gyoza 9. Cheeseburger Springrolls 9 STEVE PELKEY: This is a typical chrysanthemum shell that will be fired during the program. At the base of the shell is a black-powdered lift charge. Once that is ignited, it will propel the shell.

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Syngenta Flowers just announced the publication of its 2012 Mum, Aster and Fleurette catalog. For the first time, the catalog includes the entire Yoder-brand lineup of mums and asters, spanning pot mums and garden mums, as well as asters and Fleurettes 2 Mode of Action ORNAZIN 3% EC controls insects in the larval, pupal, and nymphal stages by interfering with the metabolism of ecdysone. Insects typicall The Chrysanthemum Pine Apple Rag Pleasant Moments, a Ragtime Waltz Sunflower Slow Drag The Sycamore Weeping Willow, A Rag Time Two Step: Violin: J.B. Accolay Violin Concerto No. 1 Schubert L'Abeille (The Bee) Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A minor Sarasate Zigeunerweisen Brahms Hungarian Dance No. *Warning - Spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Mad Men.* After this episode concluded, the first thing I asked my husband, with whom I was watching it, was, What would we do if we walked in on that?That, of course, was the most shocking scene of the episode (other than Betty's face-slapping of Sally after the 10-year-old had impulsively cut her hair), the one where Sally acted. 638 sequences - 12,288 kb! (12/6/98) Some sequences are not true ragtime, but are evocative. of the times or are highly influenced by the genre. ~ INFO TO ENHANCE YOUR ENJOYMENT ~. Rags marked (NOTES) are included in our. MIDI Notes. A treasure-trove of information regarding ragtime, its artists, and the era, the Notes Page is large, but well. 08:05:24 06:45 Shostakovich Festive Overture, Op. 96 Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel 06108 Telarc 80595 089408059520 08:16 Concerto Grosso in D, Op. 3 01086 No. 1 08:13:09 Geminiani L'Oiseau-L yre Academy of Ancient 471 522 28941752222 Music/Hogwood 08:22:25 German03:31 Country Dance ~ Nell Gwyn 02509 Marco Polo8.223419 489103023419 2 Czecho-Slovak Radi