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l Fractures of distal fibula and tibia l Reduced ankle dislocations l Can add stirrup splint for unstable ankle fractures CONSTRUCTION—POSTERIOR ANKLE l Start at plantar surface of the metatarsal heads l Extend up posterior leg l End at the level of the fibular head CONSTRUCTION—STIRRUP l Laterally, start 3-4cm below the level of fibular hea INTRODUCTION (LOUIS SPINA M.D., 9/2016) Splints can be applied to most pediatric fractures, dislocations and sprains. Splints may also aid in the immobilization of soft tissue injuries such as fingertip amputations and lacerations over joints where it is important to minimize tension or damage to the healing injury Children aged 5 to 15 years presenting acutely with a low-risk ankle fracture were randomized to the Air-Stirrup ankle brace or fiberglass posterior splint. A validated self-reported outcome tool, the Activities Scale for Kids performance (ASKp), was used to measure physical functioning over the 4 week period

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  1. Acute foot fractures. Ankle. Stirrup splint. Ankle sprains. Mold to site of injury for effective compression. Less than one week. Isolated, nondisplaced malleolar fractures. Lower leg, ankle, and.
  2. Fracture or Injury Splint Technique; Distal tibia or distal fibula fracture: Posterior short leg (stirrup splint can be applied for additional stability) Ankle sprain: Grade 2 or 3: Stirrup: Talus, calcaneus, navicular, cuboid, cuneiform fracture: Posterior short leg: Metatarsal fracture
  3. A stirrup ankle splint fits around the sides of the lower legs and the foot like a stirrup. It prevents inward and outward movement at the ankle (inversion and eversion). Sometimes the posterior..
  4. Spiral fracture of the proximal third of the fibula with an associated fracture of the medial malleolus or rupture of the deep deltoid ligament (PER4 fracture) Palpation along the entire length of the fibular is important in order to pick up signs of this injury as it can be seen in patients with relatively unremarkable ankle X-ray
  5. Wet the fiberglass and place it over the area u0003 to be splinted Submerge the premeasured fiberglass in unused warm water. Remove the splint from the water and squeeze out the excess water and remove wrinkles. Fold the ends of stockinette over the the u0003 fiberglass to smooth the edges of the splint
  6. Step by step instruction of how to place a fiberglass lower leg splint with stirrup support. For more information, visit our website www.ercast.or
  7. Fibular fractures in adults are typically due to trauma. Isolated fibular fractures comprise the majority of ankle fractures in older women, occurring in approximately 1 to 2 of every 1000 white women each year [ 1 ]. Fibular fractures may also occur as the result of repetitive loading and in this case they are referred to as stress fractures

One can increase the height of the stirrup ankle brace to accommodate for syndesmosis or tibia-fibula fracture support. Regardless, stirrup-style braces are not in use for sports. They are really alternatives for splints and controlled ankle motion (CAM) walkers Stirrup Splint Common Uses Ankle Fractures, Ankle Sprains/Strains Medial-Lateral Long-Leg Splint Common Uses Ligamentous Injuries of the knee, Tibia and Fibula Fractures Posterior Long-Leg Splint Common Uses Ligamentous Injuries of the Knee, Dislocation of the Knee Joint, Tibia and Fibula Shaft Fractures, Femoral Shaft Fracture Sugar Tong Splint

Stirrup Ankle Splint. U-Splint/Stirrup splint for severe ankle sprains, and fractures of distal tibula and fibula. (Source: Nursing Education AIMMC) Posted By Jonah Latsky on November 12, 2019. COMMENT AND OR SUGGEST A VIDEO. SHARE Shank Calf Support Night Splint, Tibia and Fibula Fracture Orthosis External Adjustable Fixation Strap Wrap Sleeve Belt Protector (M) 14 $18 59 ($18.59/Count Stirrup splint Ankle fractures Buddy taping Toe phalanx fractures Elastic wrap/AirCast Ankle sprains Crutches As needed for pain with soft tissue injuries and until ortho follow-up for fractures requiring non weight-bearing Postoperative thshoe 5 metatarsal styloid avulsion fractures, 1st toe.

VELPEAU Ankle Brace - Stirrup Ankle Splint - Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains, Tendonitis, Post-Op Cast Support and Injury Protection for Women and Men (Gel Pads, Large - Right Foot) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1,076. $24.99. $24 Flex ankle to 90 degrees unless Achilles tendon rupture Splint should run from plantar surface of the great toe or metatarsal heads along the posterior lower leg and ends 2 inches distal to the fibular head to avoid compression of the common peroneal nerve Maintain position until splint material hardens and secure to leg (e.g. ace wraps Stirrup. Splint for unstable distal tibia/fibular or ankle fracture. Posterior + Stirrup. Splint for tibia/fibula shaft fracture, knee fracture, femoral shaft fracture. Posterior long leg. Kocher's criteria for septic arthritis in children. NEWT Non-weight bearing ESR >40 WBC >12 Temperature >38.5

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Stirrup splint. Ankle fractures . Applying a Distal Sugar Tong Splint a 7 minute video by S. Sanchez, UTMB. Compartment Syndrome. T he muscle groups are divided in compartments and bound by rigid fascial membranes. Compartment syndrome occurs when increased pressure within a closed fascial compartment (often due to bleeding and edema collection. An ankle stirrup splint is used after an injury to increase comfort and limit movement. The splint squeezes your ankle between 2 plastic pads. The pads are filled with air to cushion and support your ankle while it heals

Stirrup Splint Common Uses Ankle Fractures, Common Uses Ankle Sprains/ Strains Medial-Lateral Long-Leg Splint Ligamentous Injuries of the knee, Tibia and Fibula Fractures Posterior Long-Leg Splint Common Uses Ligamentous Injuries of the Knee, Dislocation of the Knee Joint, Tibia and Fibula Shaft Fractures, Femoral Shaf CPT further states that if cast application or strapping is provided as an initial service (e.g., casting of a sprained ankle or knee) in which no other procedure or treatment (e.g., surgical repair, reduction of a fracture, or joint dislocation) is performed or is expected to be performed by a physician rendering the initial care only, use. It is the patented Duplex™ air cell system that makes the Air-Stirrup a good option for supporting severe ankle injuries like third degree ankle sprains. This system incorporates two pre-inflated overlapping air cells (distal and proximal), that provide support and produce graduated compression when walking around

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  1. imally displaced low-risk ankle fractures compared a fiberglass posterior splint to a removable ankle stirrup brace. This study demonstrated good outcomes in both groups. 8 Closed reduction and cast immobilization may be appropriate for displaced fractures; if the closed reduction cannot be maintained.
  2. There are three main splinting options for the ankle. The most stable splint is the stirrup plus posterior slap splint. This is the most ideal splint for bimalleolar, trimalleolar, or ankle fracture-dislocations. The other options include a stirrup splint or a posterior slab splint
  3. 3M™ Scotchcast™ Splinting Guide Ulnar Gutter Splint Common Uses 5th Metacarpal Fracture, 4th Metacarpal Fracture Volar Splint Common Uses Wrist Sprains/ Strains, Carpal Tunnel, Lacerations, Night Splints Thumb Spica Splint Common Uses Navicular Fracture, Thumb Dislocation, Ligamentous Injuries, Bennett's Fracture Sugar Tong Splint Common Uses Colles' Fracture, Forearm Fracture (Radial.
  4. We believe that a certain subset of surgical ankle fracture patients can be made weight-bearing as tolerated immediately following surgery. Immediate weight-bearing as tolerated (IWBAT) allows patients to return to ambulation and activities of daily living faster and may facilitate rehabilitation. A prospectively gathered orthopaedic trauma database at a Level 1 trauma center was reviewed.
  5. Ankle stirrup - Used for the ankles.; Finger splints - Used for the fingers. A mallet or baseball finger is a rupture of the extensor tendon and sometimes including a fracture. While surgery may be necessary such an injury may heal if placed in a finger splint

Measuring the splint to the extremity. 2. Sandwiched between cotton web roll. 3. Layer the plaster according to which extremity and size of patient. 4. Wet the material, separate the edge of the roll to find end. 5. Ring out the water (squeeze or run fingers down squeezing the water out Posterior ankle splints are used for severe ankle sprains, fractures to the lower leg is wrapped with cotton padding before the stirrup splint is applied. The ankle should be bent at a 90. The average times of application of ankle stirrup splint, posterior splint, ankle stirrup with a posterior splint and a normal below knee cast were recorded. These were applied and timed in the operating room, multiple times, while the patients were still under anesthesia. The average times were the

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An air stirrup brace combined with an elastic compression wrap, or a lace-up support alone, reduces pain and recovery time after an ankle sprain and allows early mobilization. B 15-1 The fracture is treated by immobilizing the ankle with a boot or ankle brace with gradual reintroduction of weight bearing over a period of weeks. Surgery is rarely indicated. Although a fibular avulsion fracture is technically an ankle fracture the injury is essentially the equivalent of a moderate-severe ankle sprain and should not be. Ankle fractures are very common injuries to the ankle which generally occur due to a twisting mechanism. Diagnosis is made with orthogonal radiographs of the ankle. Treatment can be nonoperative or operative depending on fracture displacement, ankle stability, syndesmosis injury, and patient activity demands. 1

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On sale $131.56 $93.97. Retail Price: $184.18. Your Savings: $90.21 (49%) LARGEST SELECTION of discounted Ankle Supports, Ankle Braces, Ankle Splints, Ankle Support Braces, Ankle Immobilizers, Functional Ankle Braces, Hinged Ankle Braces, Ankle Wraps, and Ankle Sleeve Braces. LOWEST SHIPPING COST GUARANTEED. Part Number: 03 Splint should run from plantar surface of the great toe or metatarsal heads along the posterior lower leg and ends 2 inches distal to the fibular head to avoid compression of the common peroneal nerve ; Maintain position until splint material hardens and secure to leg (e.g. ace wraps) Reassess distal pulse, motor, and sensation; See Also. Splintin • Ankle sprain • Ligament instability • Stable minor fracture • Early cast removal • Post-Op rehabilitation. Care Instructions: liners can be removed and hand washed with mild soap. Air dry only. Warning: Should you develop skin rash, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Ankle splint should fit snug without impairing circulatio

Adjustable heel pad, vertical side straps and swivel straps provide easy application. Lightweight shell conforms to the ankle with minimal bulk in the shoe. Ankle Stirrup Plus designed with a foam liner. Instructions for Use. Part Numbers. Part #. Description. 97007. Ankle Stirrup Plus A stirrup splint may be used after a severe ankle sprint. The sides of the splint are likely to be hard and made from plastic or other composite materials. These vertical stabilizers help prevent lateral movement in the joint, and they may be used after a severe ankle sprain or a fracture in the lower leg

OBJECTIVES: Pediatric ankle fractures are usually treated by immobilization with either a posterior splint, cast, or ankle brace. We set out to determine if the below-knee fiberglass posterior splint was as effective as the Air-Stirrup ankle brace in returning children with a low risk ankle fracture to their normal level of activity As always, acute management of ankle fractures involves analgesics for pain, immobilization, and patient comfort. Use either a well-padded posterior splint or a stirrup splint to keep the patient from bearing weight on the ankle until definitive treatment is instituted in 3-4 days

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When are ankle splints used? An ankle splint is primarily used for: Ligament sprain of the ankle. Ankle joint fractures. Fracture of the lower end of the bones of the lower legs. Source: (medicinenet.com) How are Airform stirrup ankle braces used to treat injury? The Airform stirrup ankle brace is intended to treat injury and should be worn in. Air-Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace. All the features of our popular Cirrus stirrup support with the addition of restorative gel padding. The air-gel padding provides support and controls bruising and swelling while allowing unhindered range of motion. Contact us today and wear this support tomorrow

Fracture Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF)Techniques Participants gain hands-on experience in a simulated orthopedic surgical clinical course. Participants will learn to handle orthopedic surgical equipment and demonstrate select orthopedic surgical procedures. Ankle Stirrup Splint and Posterior Slab Splint. Integrity Fracture Walker Boot. Mini Walker (Aluminum) Mini Walker (Nylon) Wee Walker - Wee Walker Air. Achilles Wedges. Ankle. Lace Up Ankle Brace with Stays. Lace-Up Ankle Brace. Hinged Wraptor Ankle Brace Ultra High-5 Ankle Brace. Ultra Zoom® Ankle Brace. Ankle Stirrup. Ankle Stirrup Plus. Elastic Ankle Support. KoolAir Ankle Stirrup. CONCLUSION: At 6 weeks after surgical internal fixation for ankle fracture, pain and single-limb support time asymmetry over a short distance and for a short-term walk were immediately reduced with the use of a walker boot use and, to a lesser extent, a stirrup-brace compared to Tubigrip Robust Stirrup Ankle Brace : This is our most popular model. The semi-rigid, impact resistant shells, with cotton covered memory foam padding comfortably and securely protect your injured ankle. The stirrup design allows normal r.. Ankle air-stirrups (e.g., Air Cast) are considered medically necessary DME when used after an ankle injury (fractures or sprains). Air-stirrups are considered experimental and investigational for chronically unstable ankles or to prevent ankle re-injury because of a lack of adequate evidence of the effectiveness of ankle air-stirrups for these indications

Rigid stirrup ankle support brace; The rigid stirrup ankle support is perhaps the most widely used brace in sports today, due to its effectiveness and versatility in treating ankle sprains, stress fractures, and (chronic) repetitive ankle sprains. It is made of a hard plastic shell that extends up both sides of the ankle and is strapped into. The Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace is commonly worn immediately after injuring your ankle and throughout recovery because it helps accelerate rehabilitation. Since 1978, the Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace has been the brace the medical community has turned to for the functional management of ankle injuries


DJO Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace - Provide support and compression for ankle sprains and promote efficient edema reduction. The Air-Stirrup brace features anatomically designed semi-rigid shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system for support and graduated compression during ambulation This Aircast ankle brace, the Air-Stirrup® Universe™ Ankle Brace provides support while allowing for protected movement to promote healing. It is a good option for sports injury clinics as one size fits all and there is the benefit of the lined version for warmer climates where socks are not worn At 6 weeks after surgical internal fixation for ankle fracture, pain and single-limb support time asymmetry over a short distance and for a short-term walk were immediately reduced with the use of a walker boot use and, to a lesser extent, a stirrup-brace compared to Tubigrip. Step width also widene The stirrup splint prevents inward and outward movement at the ankle (side to side)(inversion and eversion) and the posterior ankle splint keeps the ankle at a 90 degree angle (top to bottom). A posterior ankle splint goes on the back of the leg where as a stirrup ankle splint fits around the sides of the lower legs and the foot like a stirrup

Studies have shown that casting might not be necessary for some common childhood fractures, such as wrist buckle fractures (JW Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine May 26 2006).In a randomized study, investigators in Canada compared a below-knee fiberglass walking cast and a removable air-stirrup ankle brace in 111 children (age range, 5-18 years) who presented to an emergency department with. A09 - Stirrup Ankle Brace. Ankle Sprain & Brace. Indications: - Ankle sprain & chronic instability. Call for pricing. A09b - Stirrup Ankle Brace. Ankle Sprain & Brace. Stable ankle fracture, sprained ankle, post-op care, early cast removel Call for pricing. A15b - Rom Short Walking Boot (37 cm) Walker The sugar-tong (stirrup) splint may be used in ankle sprains to prevent inversion or eversion. Sugar-Tong (Stirrup) Splint 1 Measure from the fibular head (at the knee) to the calcaneus, double that measurement, and cut the splint material and padding to size

Description. This finely knitted ankle brace is designed to support, stabilize, and limit the range of motion of the ankle joint.This ankle stirrup provides the best support and the compression promotes efficient edema reduction in addition to helping accelerate rehabilitation from ankle sprain and fractures Powerlix Ankle Brace. This is an excellent compression brace and is highly recommended for those suffering from tendonitis or constant inflammation in the ankle. Moreover, thanks to its slim design and snug fit, the Powerlix Ankle Brace is a great choice for those that play games such as squash, tennis, or even soccer Ankle fractures occur more often in boys than girls. Many fractures arise from activities such as basketball, soccer, inline skating, and riding motorized scooters . Distal fibular physeal fractures are the most common type of pediatric ankle fractures and are associated with a relatively low risk for long-term complications There are three randomized control trials which demonstrate that management of these low-risk ankle fractures with a removable device (ankle brace or ace wrap) and a self-regulated return to activities was superior to a fiberglass cast/back-slab for three weeks with respect to recovery. 2-4 There was also a parental preference for removable devices and treating patients using an ankle brace.

Product TitleMgaxyff Ankle Splint Support, Foot Brace, Orthosis Brace Support,Foot Drop Night Splint Orthotics Fracture Sprain Injury Support Wrap Ankle Brace with Masssage. Average Rating: ( 0.0) out of 5 stars. Current Price $10.46. $10.46 List. List Price $14.94 STIRRUP SPLINT Common Uses. Acute ankle injuries; nondisplaced, isolated malleolar fractures. Application. The splint extends from the lateral mid-calf around the heel, and ends at the medial mid-calf The position of function is with the ankle flexed to 90 degrees (neutral). Pearls and Pitfalls. Stirrup and posterior ankle splints provide.

Conclusion. At 6 weeks after surgical internal fixation for ankle fracture, pain and single-limb support time asymmetry over a short distance and for a short-term walk were immediately reduced with the use of a walker boot use and, to a lesser extent, a stirrup-brace compared to Tubigrip Air Cast Stirrup Brace & High Tide Fracture Boot: Subjects will be randomly assigned to one of two treatment braces. All patients will be given instructions to use fracture boot or air cell brace at all times of ambulatory activity until follow-up until 2 week post-strain follow-up Velpeau Ankle Brace - Stirrup Ankle Splint - Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Spr. $12.99. +$5.00 shipping. Make Offer. - Velpeau Ankle Brace - Stirrup Ankle Splint - Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Spr. Night Foot Drop Splint Ankle Heel Pain Support Leg Brace Plantar Fasciitis sz S. $14.99. +$6.99 shipping Ankle Lace-Up Brace (e.g. Swedo) Fabric and elastic sleeve that wraps the proximal foot and high ankle, secured with laces. Semi-Rigid Air Stirrup Brace (air splint, gel splint) Plastic lateral stirrups cushioned with gel, air or foam at the malleoli. IV Foot Drop Ankle Brace Splint Orthotics Fracture Sprain Injury Support Hotsale! £10.33 + £5.99 P&P + £5.99 P&P + £5.99 P&P. Details about Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace Support for Malleolar Fracture Safety Ankle Injuries

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The Airform Dorsal Night Splint provides nighttime and morning pain relief. Smaller and lighter than most other dorsal night splints, the Airform Night Splint is designed to maintain the ankle in a neutral position, providing a passive stretch to both the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia by pulling from above The Aircast Air-Stirrup Universe more of a one size fits all Ankle Brace. It is not made to specifically fit left vs right, or differing sizes. Both ankle braces will address Acute injuries of the ankle, and Severe Chronic Instability. The Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace is anatomically designed to apply to the Left or Right foot

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Tynor® Ankle Splint Brace Support Guard Sprain Malleolar Fractures Tendonitis . $22.39. Tynor Ankle Splint Foam cushioning One size, that fits all Size Universal . Foam & Air Ankle Stirrup Brace Air Compression Ankle Support Splint (White) $16.88. Free shipping. Make Offer - Foam & Air Ankle Stirrup Brace Air Compression Ankle Support. -J neck brace (hard) for short term immobilization -ankle air stirrup-crutches-RICE-NSAIDs. ottawa ankle rules. bi-malleolar fx tx. stirrup and posterior foot splint with ortho consult. tri-malleolar fx-fx that involve the medial and lateral malleolus and the fibula-assoc. with dislocations and neuro-vascular compromise. tri-malleolar fx t A Salter-Harris I fracture of the distal fibula can be easily confused with an ankle sprain. In an adult, twisting the ankle most often results in a sprain of the ankle ligaments. However, in a growing child, the growth plate is much weaker than the surrounding ligaments, which means the same twisting injury is more likely to cause a growth. • Obvious deformity or Displaced fracture • Functional deficit, nerve palsy • Suspect compartment syndrome • Clavicle Fracture - sling and swathe, safety pin affected arm to clothes at 90 deg. flexion. • Buckle Fracture - Velcro wrist brace • Toddler's Fracture - initial x-ray can be negative. Positive exam = fracture unti

Stirrup splint — Apply the ankle stirrup splint, also called the ankle sugar tong splint, to prevent inversion or eversion of the ankle, and provide better immobilization for fractures near the ankle than the posterior leg splint. Use it in combination with the posterior leg splint, which should be placed first PROLITE® ANKLE STIRRUP BRACE WITH AIR LINERS. This Ankle Brace provides medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint for faster recovery and healing of tender soft tissues. Ideal brace for mild or moderate sprains, strains, or after cast removal. The liner is made of a tri-layer pneumatic air bladder that conforms to the ankle and. Ankle Stirrup (Figure 14.11) Used in combination with the posterior short leg splint (Figures 14.12A and B) for added stability to prevent inversion and eversion of the ankle. Ankle sprains, fractures and dislocations. Short-Leg Walking Boot: May be used in place of short-leg splint anytime weight-bearing is allowed. Stable ankle or foot fractures Ankle Aircast Stirrup Support Brace is good for acute ankle sprains, ankle ligament instabilities, stress fracture, and acute sports injuries. 0592-3565020 | [email protected] Welcome to Xiamen LongStar Medical Equipment Co.,Lt

Weber classification of ankle fractures. The Weber ankle fracture classification (or Danis-Weber classification) is a simple system for classification of lateral malleolar fractures, relating to the level of the fracture in relation to the ankle joint, specifically the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis. It has a role in determining treatment The tape splint technique can be used effectively in birds that are too small for internal fixation or external fixator techniques, in minimally displaced or highly comminuted fractures 5 and in.

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Indications include ankle sprains, stable fractures (post-walking brace or cast), stress fractures of the lower leg and hemiparesis. Brace is less prone to inversion, while offering better flexibility. Sport-Stirrup® is like the Air-Stirrup® but more narrow for less bulk in sneakers or shoes. More Information. Order Product AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis Night Splint For Drop Foot. Place of Origin: Fujian, China Brand Name:ODM/OEM. Number:S/L-Right/Left Type: Orthotics Instrument classification: Class I. Product name: AFO-Ankle Foot Orthoses Item Number:FG-1007-1. Warranty:1 YearLogo:Customized Logo Accept Sample: Available (Lead time take about 7 days, Samples for free.

Ankle Stirrup Splint Material Width: Use 3 Ankle Stirrup CNFMedical.com Indications: ankle sprains, hairline fractures • Measure U-shape medial to lateral under heel ending 2 from popliteal. • Cut splint, stretch splint padding over both fiberglass edges, open taped edge and cut fiberglass out at hee Specialized in ankle brace to suit your unique needs including floam ankle stirrup brace, universal ankle stirrup brace with gel foam, shell ankle walker, lace-up ankle brace and shell low top ankle walker etc. products available at reduced prices and many with free shipping Ankle splints are necessary in case of a fracture or muscle sprain. Specific types of Ankle Braces, Supports and Splints are outlined below. CAM Walkers - aka Moon Boots. Trilok Ankle Brace. Foot Sleeve - FS6 Sock. Compression Calf Sleeve - CS-6 Sleeve. Knee Sleeve - KS7 Sleeve A posterior splint can be applied to maintain the ankle in 90 degrees of flexion. A sugar tong or short leg stirrup splint wraps under the posterior aspect of the foot between the calcaneous and metatarsal heads and is secured in place with an elastic wrap. Splinting with bulky pudding will allow room for subsequent swelling

Most ankle dislocations are fracture-dislocations. Reduction uses traction-countertraction to disengage the talus from the distal tibia, followed by repositioning of the talar dome into the joint mortice and splinting to stabilize the reduction until definitive orthopedic treatment. Procedural sedation and analgesia (PSA) is usually required The Air-Stirrup Leg Brace supports, compresses and protects the lower leg and ankle within the regular shoe. Designed to provide functional management of stress fractures and the graduated management of certain stable fractures of the lower leg Ankle braces are also worn to prevent ankle sprains. The best way to prevent an ankle sprain is to strengthen the ankle via physical therapy. Peroneal tendon strengthening is recommended. The strengthening is done using a Exercise Band. You will find ankle strengthening videos here. After an acute ankle injury, a rigid ankle brace is suggested Get the best deals on Orthopaedic Ankle & Foot Immobilizer Splints when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Ankle Stabilizer Brace Stabilizing Stirrup Splint - One Size Fits Most. $19.98. Free shipping. Boxer Fracture Splint 4th or 5th Finger Immobilizer One Size Gray/Red/Black. $27.63

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The brace itself stabilizes the ankle to allow you to ambulate with less pain and in the case of injury allows the ankle to get better quicker. Unlike other ankle braces on the market, the Air/Gel Stirrup also has an air/gel bladder inside. This bladder may be placed in the freezer prior to wearing to allow for cold therapy to the painful area. Immobilization of the foot, ankle, tibia, fibula, knee, and femur; Positioning for the long leg splint includes placing the limbs in the neutral position, for example, foot position, ankle at 90°, the knee is flexed at 10-15°. A splint is placed from lower leg fingers to the buttock area to keep the fractured bone in position and in rest Hematoma block for ankle fractures: a safe and efficacious technique for manipulations. J Orthop Trauma. 1995 Apr. 9(2):113-6. . Barnett PL, Lee MH, Oh L, Cull G, Babl F. Functional outcome after air-stirrup ankle brace or fiberglass backslab for pediatric low-risk ankle fractures: a randomized observer-blinded controlled trial Rigid Ankle Brace - Most Suggested. Put on a soft brace around 4 weeks after the injury. Soft ankle braces will help decrease ankle sprains and swelling. Soft Ankle Brace for Mild Support. Finding an ankle brace you can be active in and supportive to prevent a new ankle sprain is a great long term goal