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Save Big on New Gear at Amazon! Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now According to the location, you should choose what kind of wall mount you would need to make it work. Attach the bracket to the TV. Locate the mounting holes on the back and attach the mounting arms, using the bolts provided in the mounting kit. Don't tighten them too much, and do not use the drill on the TV In our 65 inch TV wall mount guide, we tell you everything you need to know, so you can skip the hassle and get watchin'. What Kind of TV Mount 65 Inch TVs Require - And What You Need to Know About Your Walls. Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels. To break it down, the main thing you're looking for is a mount that fits the back of your TV 65 Inch TV Mount: What You Should Know About Mounting Big TVs These days flat-screen TVs are getting bigger and bigger and that can present some unique challenges when it comes to wall mounting. There is no doubt that wall mounting a TV is the best way to make use of limited space and to get the best viewing angle for the most people in the.

Place the TV bracket against the back of the 65-inch flat panel. Align the bracket holes with the threaded inserts on the TV. Drive the included Allen bolts with the Allen key through the bracket into the inserts. Step Mounting the TV lift requires a variety of tools: power drill, bits, stud finder, level, socket wrench, cable-wire tester, screwdriver, and so on. Some of the above-mentioned require a certain level of confidence, patience, and surely some good skills to use that equipment. In addition, knowing how to use the electric drill is one thing, but. Hold the flat screen wall mount or TV mount brackets up against the wall, and use a level to make sure it's even. Use a friend to help you hold the wall mount. Use a drill to make pilot holes into studs along where you've made the marks for mounting. Tip: Remember the old adage, Mark twice 1-5 of 5 Answers. Yes, but it takes planning. First, I had the TV on its stand, on the floor. Then, I tipped one end up far enough that I could get it stabilized on a chair (with a pad on the chair). Then, with the weight stabilized on the chair, I lifted the other end up far enough that I could get its weight on to my cabinet

Then, how do you move a 65 inch TV by yourself? Packing. Pack your TV in an appropriate box. If you have the TV's original box with protective covering and foam, you can reuse all of that. Cover the TV. If you have the original dust cover that came with your TV, slide it over your TV Mount your TV in 3 easy steps. From finding your studs to hanging your TV on the wall, DIY expert Matt Muenster and Natalie Nyhus show step-by-step how to in.. And much to the disappointment of this sub, I like my TV mounted high so the top edge of my TV is just shy of the 6 foot mark. I can't imagine even a slightly built man not being able too hang one at a normal height unless you're way on the low end of the strength spectrum The 65 A8H (2020 TV) is still listed at its longtime price of $2500 at Best Buy right now, but Amazon has it for $1880 and some of us got it for a ridiculous $1600 on Prime Day. People had been talking about it being overpriced at its $2500 price because the LG CX was so close in quality and available for much of the cycle for around $1900

This should eliminate any problems that can arise in terms of viewing distance. As you can see, due to the increased quality of a 4K TV, you can in fact sit a little closer to it than with a lower quality unit. TV Placement - Conclusion. Yes, 65 inch televisions look awesome, which is even truer if you have a great 4K ultra HD TV Mount the wall plate on the brackets. Measure from the right edge of the TV to the bracket. Transfer the measurement to the wall. Then find the nearest stud and drill. Most wall plates let you slide the TV left or right a few inches, so the plate doesn't have to be perfectly centered where the TV will hang

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  1. Check out our CES 2019 coverage! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZEIwIHCxaFWx-I3KSJo8XKh2JkzWhvZFSUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOShttp://bit.ly/DTYouTu..
  2. The method to calculate the accurate viewing distance and TV mount height is to take the size and divide it by 0.55. As a quick reference, for a 42 television, the optimal viewing distance is 76 inches away. For a 55, you'll want to be 100 inches away. Eye-Level from Floor/Viewing Angle. Arguably the most important factor, the viewing.
  3. Can you mount a TV yourself? According to the location, you should choose what kind of wall mount you would need to make it work. Attach the bracket to the TV. Locate the mounting holes on the back and attach the mounting arms, using the bolts provided in the mounting kit
  4. ing the optimal viewing distance based on the screen size & resolution (1080p vs 4K) of your TV. This is a good starting point. But when it comes to choosing the right height, it.
  5. Questions to ask yourself when mounting a TV Nowadays, a wall-mounted TV is a basic addition to your living room just like a coffee table. But, though you may love the look and rationalism of a mounted TV, it is important to figure out how to do it first. You have a 65-inch television to [
  6. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall. Hold your mount to the wall and drill the mounting screws into the pilot holes you made in the previous step. Attach the mounting plate to the TV. First, remove the stand from the TV if you haven't already done so. Locate the mounting plate attachment holes on the back of the TV
  7. You might need different screws to attach the TV to the mount, though. 65″ TVs tend to use either M6 or M8 screws (these are metric machine screws with a standardized thread pitch), and the length of the screws needed will vary a lot. In general, TVs have g
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For most people that will be viewing their TV from the comfort of a couch, the center of the television tends to fall at about 42 inches above the floor2 . However, if the TV is a larger size, such as 65 inches, it may require the mounting height to be moved up to 65 inches off the floor for comfortable viewing3 Product Description. This white Kanto MTM65PLW Height-Adjustable Mobile TV Mount with Adjustable Shelf is a powder coated steel mobile TV cart that supports TVs and monitors that range in size from 37 to 65. See all TV Mounts. Price Match Guarantee. $379.99. Your price for this item is $ 379.99

If the TV isn't mounted on the wall, it's critical that you have a solid TV stand that's the appropriate size for your TV. You can be extra certain of this if you build it yourself! An extra safety precaution is to purchase safety straps that will anchor the TV to the wall or mount your TV to the wall and stop worrying about it tipping over So if you're mounting your TV, go bigger. (Plus, a wall mount means you don't have to buy some giant piece of furniture to put the TV on.) Keep in mind: a 65-inch TV has more than twice the screen real estate of a 42-inch TV. (Odd but true. Geometry rocks.) At 65 or 75 inches, your TV will turn your den into a cozy cinema

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Can you mount a 65 inch TV on a 55 inch mount? As a rule, a 42 television should be mounted about 56 inches from floor to TV center, a 55 TV should be around 61 inches , a 65 TV should be around 65 inches ' floor to center, and a 70 television should be mounted about 67 inches to the center of the screen How do you hang a 65 inch TV by yourself? How to Mount TV on Wall. Find out what TV bracket fits your TV. Unfortunately, not all brackets can fit any TV, so you should look for some information. Decide where you want your TV. Find the best place to place your TV. Attach the bracket to the TV To determine how high you should mount your TV, you first have to find the center of your TV. A 55-inch TV is usually 27 inches tall. To make sure, you can also measure it yourself with a measuring tape to be more accurate. Then, divide the height of your TV by two in order to get the center point of the TV, which would be around 13.5 inches Can you mount a 65 inch TV? As a rule, a 42 television should be mounted about 56 inches from floor to TV center, a 55 TV should be around 61 inches, a 65 TV should be around 65 inches' floor to center, and a 70 television should be mounted about 67 inches to the center of the screen Transporting a large, 65 inch TV can be quite a challenge. Different problems may occur, and you could damage your precious TV by not knowing how to do it properly. If you have to transport your 65 inch TV, familiarize yourself with some basic rules. A flat-screen, 65 inch, TV has to be packed, preferably in its original box

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Now it's possible for you to get up to a 65-inch Samsung 4K TV at the price of RM1 a month when you sign up for a Maxis Fibre and Postpaid plan, starting from today onwards. Do note that if you're interested in getting the 65-inch Samsung 4K TV, you're required to sign up for a Maxis Fibre plan that's priced at RM219 and above, while signing up for a plan cheaper than the price mentioned. No matter what your wall is made of, be it concrete or wood you are perfect. The first thing to do is: If concrete wall hold, TV wall mount, LOCKET MODEL R2, against the wall and make six marks where you would install the screws. On your concrete wall, drill six holes where the marks were made, all with a 10 mm diameter and hole dept of 60mm Lift up the bottom of the TV if possible. Grasp the TV by the sides and try to edge the bottom forward. The TV is hooked to the top of the mount, so don't worry. It won't topple over on you. Instead, you'll be able to see the back of the TV and reach your hand behind it. If the TV doesn't budge, don't force it Make sure to unlock this before you fully dismount the TV from the wall mount. Your TV wall mount can come with either a screw, bar, or pull-string lock. Your wall mount manual should tell you the right information. A screw lock is likely located towards the bottom. Unscrew the lock using the proper screwdriver before you proceed to the next step While looking at the size may seem like an obvious first step, it's an easy mistake to get a mount that's the wrong size for your TV, because it comes up as a recommended product online, says Angulo. For instance, the VIZIO 75 P-Series Quantum X TV will require a different mount than the VIZIO 43 V-Series TV

One may also ask, how big of a TV can you wall mount? As a rule, a 42 television should be mounted about 56 inches from floor to TV center, a 55 TV should be around 61 inches, a 65 TV should be around 65 inches' floor to center, and a 70 television should be mounted about 67 inches to the center of the screen Structural Integrity. Your TV is heavy, and the wall you choose for mounting must be able to support it. Your wallmount should be attached to a stud. In most cases, this won't be a problem, but depending on the house you may find that the space between studs makes it difficult to mount a TV First, if you're unsure or uncomfortable about mounting a TV yourself, be sure to hire a professional. There's nothing worse than watching a TV that has the left side 1-inch lower than the right, or worse, a broken TV because it wasn't mounted properly Should you buy a 65-inch TV? The short answer is: if you can afford it, a bigger TV is often a better TV. In the UK, the average screen size grew from around the size of a 32-inch TV at the turn. If you're mounting a TV higher than normal (the bottom of the average TV is between 36 inches and 46 inches from the floor) or using a full-motion mount, you'll need 12-foot cabling

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Place where the TV has to be mounted has studs that are too far apart (more than 24). I can mount my bracket on one stud, and I purchased some drywall mounts that are supposed to hold 300 lbs, according to the package. I also have paneling over the drywall. I have not installed it yet because I am hesitant to mount it to one stud. TV is 4 Install Sliding Panels. If you want to really add some décor to the spot where your television sits, you can use sliding panels to display artwork that actually hides the TV. This is a great project for your creative types because you can decorate the panels yourself with some paint or stain and a bit of imagination. Tutorial Link - Lowe 2 Line up your wall mount bracket. Grab the TV wall bracket - we've used a Crest Large Full Motion TV Wall Mount With Superior Control and line it up so it fits with the studs. Make sure you are well versed on the make and size of your TV BEFORE you choose your mount - you'll need to get the right size and make sure it holds the correct. Remember when a 50-inch TV seemed gigantic? Well, TVs with 55- and 65-inch screens are now commonplace. By the end of 2020, 65-inch models had firmly supplanted 55-inch sets as the most prevalent. TV Mount With Rubber Spacers Applied To Screws Spacers are used on TV Mount screws for airflow and length issues. Wall Bracket To TV Screws Chart - VESA M4 - M6 - M8 - B0lt Screw Sizes - Screen Size - VESA. To find the depth or length of the screw you need: Put a pencil or toothpick down into the screw hole to find a rough estimate of the depth or length of screw needed

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Best Overall 90 Degree Swivel TV Wall Mount. The Everstone TV Wall Mount can fit most 26-60 televisions and is the no. 5 best-selling television mount on Amazon—and for good reason. Priced at only $25, this bargain of a TV mount can hold up to 88 pounds, has a full motion swivel, and can tilt up 3 degrees and down 15 #2 Longest TV wall mount at 36 inches. This tv mount can take TV's sizes between 32 Inch- 65-Inches and is capable to extend a long reach of 36 inches from the wall! Made to take Samsung LG and Sony TVs as well as others it is built to a higher quality than most other mounts

Can you mount a 60 inch TV on drywall? Do not mount your expensive TV to the drywall regardless of what kind of fastener you use. The correct answer is to attach it to the structural part of the wall - the studs. That can be challenging - depending on the location of the studs and where you want the TV to be on the wall The OmniMount NC125C, for 37- to 70-inch TVs, up to 125 pounds (i.e. every TV below 70 inches in this article). OmniMount This is with the typical two-stud mounting

About this item Easy to install, fixed TV mount for 40-65 Size TV fit universal and VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 weighing up to 100 lbs. Super slim design of only 0.9 Depth from the back of the TV to the wall provides a clean and low profile appearanc Step 2: Layout Your Flat Screen TV Corner Mount. I used my workbench to layout the TV corner mount. The 90-degree angle on the edge of the plywood represents the inside corner where I'm mounting my TV. So this lets me generate a quick 2D plan view of the mount so that I can make sure everything is going to fit Divide 400 cm by 2.5 = 160 cm. The result indicates that a TV screen with a diagonal dimension of around 160 cm is suitable for you. 160 cm equates to a screen size of 63 inches (160 cm divided by 2.54 = 63 inches). Take a look at the screen sizes that are closest to the size calculated to be the most comfortable

Mounting your flat screen TV has become the new norm in households across the US. Creating more space and a visually appealing room, a mounted TV has many benefits for both function and style. The costs included in mounting a flat-screen TV are minimal and worth the expense. See TV installation prices near you & use ImproveNet to connect with a local contractor Should you buy a 65-inch TV?The short answer is: if you can afford it, a bigger TV is often a better TV. In the UK, the average screen size grew from around the size of a 32-inch TV at the turn of the century up to that of a 40-inch TV by 2010. As 2019 became 2020, the average size of the new TVs sold in the UK was almost 50 inches Apr 26, 2021. The national average cost for TV wall mounting is $125, and prices range from $110-$137. How much you'll pay, however, depends on various factors. But, you can get an accurate estimate by contacting TV wall mount installers near you and asking for free quotes

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A 1/8 toggle can hold 30 pounds on 1/2-inch drywall and a 3/8-inch toggle can handle a hefty 50 pounds or more safely. When applying any kind of drywall anchor, you should understand how they work and which screw anchor may work best to put into a hollow wall. Can you mount a 65 inch TV on drywall Best 2.1 Channel Soundbar For 65 Inch Tv Sony S200F 2.1ch Sound Bar. Best Movie Surround Sound System. The next soundbar for a 65-inch tv we would like to share with you is the Sony soundbar for 65-inch tv. More specifically we are talking about the S200F 2.1ch Sound Bar model. It is the best movie surround sound system that has 2.1 channels Cmple - Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 23-42 inches LED TV LCD Monitors Flat Screen Plasma, Adjustable TV Mount up to 44lbs VESA Max 200x200, Easy to Mount $13.65 Cmple - Ultra Slim Fixed TV Wall Mount for 17-37 inches LED Plasma LCD Flat Screen TV, Fixed TV Mount for 17-37 inch TVs, Monitors up to 165 lbs VESA Max 200x20 Swivel Ceiling TV Mount for Flat or Inclined Surfaces. Utilize this swivel ceiling TV mount in restaurants, airports, stores, and more! The full motion design allows the bracket to move with a 360° spin and 25° downward tilt. Effortlessly arrange your flat panel screen with this steel TV mount to offer the best possible viewing experience

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Whether you have a modest 32-inch or a bold 75-inch, this Sanus can help safely mount it with a gap of less than two inches from the wall. It also tilts up and down, which can help account for any. 21-inch TVs are too small; therefore, 4K resolution can't be put into the TV. 100-inch TVs are too big; therefore, there comes many problems with mounting and cables. 65-inch TVs, otherwise, are perfect. 65-inch TVs can hold all the resolution including the latest 8K resolution, while still being perfect for mounting and connecting, even power consumption The first Samsung Frame TV installation we did was a 65 inch 4k TV over a prewired fireplace. The TV came with the 4 standard mounting holes in the back so you can use a standard wall mount over the Frame TV mount to make installation easier but our customer insisted that we use the Frame TV mount

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Wrap the TV with the blanket and secure the blanket with tape. Make sure to cover the entire front of the TV so the screen is fully protected. Prep the box - if you can, find a box that is relatively close to the dimensions of your TV. Some moving companies sell flat-screen TV boxes. If you cannot find one, purchase 1-2 wardrobe boxes instead Yes, if you stand at 6 feet from screen you can see the window in its reflection, but I don't typically stand and watch tv for hours. Neck strain is also a non issue for me. At the distance I view. The best plan of action here is to get a 1/2 inch thick piece of plywood. Measure the space on the wall in between the studs to find the width. Use a stud finder to find where the wood studs are located. Once you know the width, cut the plywood wide enough so it can be secured into the wall studs. You can cut the plywood a little larger than. Walls and Ceilings - Mounting a heavy object on a paneling wall without studs - I'd like to mount a TV 65 - 60lbs above my fireplace mantle. The wall is tongue in groove type panels about 6 wide each Mounting a heavy object on a paneling wall without studs - DoItYourself.com Community Forum How To: Build a Simple Flat Screen TV Ceiling Mount from Unistrut and Pipe By Gabrielle Taylor; 12/2/12 12:25 PM; WonderHowTo. So you bought a new flat screen, and now you have to tackle the next issue—you have to mount it somewhere. Most people go for the wall, which is the most obvious place, but if you want to go for something a little.

One of the perks of a flat-panel television's light weight and thin depth is the ability to mount it directly on a wall in your home. While all flat-panel TVs come with pedestals that allow them to be placed on a TV stand, wall-mounting a TV can save you space and improve the aesthetics of a room Place Styrofoam on the TV's corners to protect edges. Wrap the TV in packing paper or a thin foam covering. If the TV box is made up of two separate boxes, slide the TV into the smaller box first. Then, slide the larger box on top, so that it fits over the smaller box. Make sure the boxes are secure TV location The first thing to ask yourself is: Where is your TV going to go? If you're wall mounting your TV, a cable and power management kit is a great way to make that install look clean TV Mount Pros and Cons. If you're looking to give your space a refresh, a TV mount is one way to get out with the old and in with the new. TV Mount Pros. You can use them with entertainment centers — So if you need storage, you've got it. But with a TV mount, you have more freedom deciding what furniture to use, because you don't have to. Some contractor was trying to be cheap. The dry wall seem to have metal in it. I used 4 - 50# plastic anchors into the dry wall with screws to match for the articulating mount for a 37 X 21 LED Vizio TV. I have moved the mounting all over the place holding on to the TV. I am sure that the TV is a lot lighter that 100#

Removing mounting plate. Removing the TV from the mounting plate will allow access to A/V component cables. Unplug the cables and lay the TV face down on a soft surface to prevent damage. Using a standard Philips screwdriver, remove the hook on arms from the back of the TV. Reinstall the factory stand for safe storage if needed Determining Factors in Choosing a 55 or 65 Inch TV • Room size • Supporting furniture • Audience size • Your budget. Choosing the Right TV Size for You. First and foremost, the supporting limit of your TV stand or wall mount structure will determine the maximum TV size it can support. If you plan to set the TV on a table or cabinet, you. The LG A1 65 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV w/ ThinQ AI® (64.5'' Diag), Model # OLED65A1PUA is a VESA compliant display that has a VESA Wall Mount Interface Pattern of 300 x 200 mm. Any VESA compliant Wall Mount, regardless of type, brand, or manufacturer that supports the TV's wall mount interface pattern can be used to mount the TV If you pick a tiltable TV mount, don't expect to angle it at something like 45 degrees to the wall. You can only move it 1 or 2 inches from the wall in a typical tilted setup. If you pick a tilt-and-swivel TV mount, make sure your cabling is long enough to reach wherever you might want to swing the TV Mar 24, 2019. #3. I have a 65c8 wall mounted. Imagine it will be pretty similar for the E8. I have used this sanus mount. Im really pleased with the results. Sits pretty flush to the wall. I have my power socket sitting above the bracket so the plug can sit in the area behind the screen as she mounts are on the chunky part of the T.V

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The reinvention of a 4K Smart TV. The PRISM+ E65 4K Digital Smart TV is designed with a single goal in mind- to bring high-end premium features to its best-possible prices and make it available for the Singaporean masses. Packing a crystal-clear 4K resolution with HDR, enriched 1.07 billion colors and IPS Panel technology, E65 is designed to. He helped mount a 65 inch LG OLED TV and also a Bose 700 series soundbar and assisted with overall cable management. There were some challenges with the way the home builder set up the cable management tubing behind the wall to feed into a cabinet but Wayne was able to overcome those challenges and feed 4 HDMI codes into a tiny tube that. However, this type of mount is affordable, easy to install, and usually the most secure way to wall mount a TV. Hook mount This type of wall mount uses hooks on the TV to attach onto the wall-mount This Mounting kit includes a Full Motion This Mounting kit includes a Full Motion Articulating TV Mount for your flat screen TV. And the kit includes all you need to get setup with your TV entertainment area. The mount supports 37 in. to 64 in. flat panel TVs up to 132 lbs

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We finally got around to mounting our TV on the wall this weekend. Mounting your tv to the wall and hiding all the cords is fairly straight-forward. Here's a step-by-step tutorial. Have fun! It's really not that hard to mount your TV on a wall (and conceal all the cords). It only took us about an hour or so Includes bracket, mounting services, strip management system (for concealing external wires), and connection of all entertainment devices. TV wall mount with wires hidden inside wall: $139. Installation of additional electrical outlet: $65. TV wall mount over fireplace with wires hidden: $179-$249. TV wall mount and up to 5 speakers wall. Mounting your TV to the wall is not only a great way to save space, but it also looks nice and clean. However, there's a little more to it than just buying a wall mount and screwing in your TV. Here are a handful of things you should know when it comes to mounting your TV to the wall Modern Appeal. 1 /10. To build this contemporary, whimsical, and functional DIY TV stand, you need nothing more than about 40 bucks and the willingness to put in a little elbow grease. Simply cut. The LG EZ Slim Wall Mount for 2019 LG OLED, NanoCell and UHD TVs, MOdel # OLW480B is the compatible mount for the LG Nano 9 Series 4K 65 inch Class Smart UHD NanoCell TV w/ AI ThinQ® (64.5'' Diag), Model # 65SM9000PUA. Any VESA Compliant Wall Mount, regardless of type, brand or manufacturer that supports the TV's VESA Wall Mount Interface.

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Always install a TV mount with a friend. No matter how light your TV may be, it is NEVER suggested to install a TV mount by yourself. Follow the instructions that came with your AV-Express TV Corner Mount and you should be watching your TV in the corner the way you want in no time Screw the TV wall-mounting bracket to the wall studs and to the back of the TV using lag screws. 19. Hang the TV onto the the wall-mounting bracket. 20. Connect the wires to surround-sound speakers, then mount the speakers to the wall. 21. Turn the power back on. Next Up In Electrical. How to Replace a Lamppost.

Is mounting a TV on a Chimney Breast practical? One of the most important things to think about before mounting your TV on your chimney breast is the height of your fireplace and mantelpiece, as some mantels will simply be too high to watch your TV comfortably. A TV mounted too high on the wall will have a similar effect to sitting in the front row at the cinema and awkward viewing positions. This TV mount automatically turns to the desired angle when you turn your TV on or off. You can also turn your TV yourself, using a special app on your tablet or mobile phone. The motorised OLED wall mount is suitable for OLED TVs up to 65 inch (165 cm) and has a maximum weight capacity of 30 kg

Lay your TV screen-down on a table or surface that's larger than the screen (it's a good idea to protect the screen with towels), look for the mounting holes on the rear, and firmly attach the mount. Tip: Make sure the screw holes are lined up properly, and the screws don't prevent the mount from tilting or swivelling Serif comes in three sizes, the 24-inch set is £499, the 32-inch is £699 and the 40-inch is £1,199. To find your nearest stockist visit the Serif TV website. Samsung aren't the only ones to have reinvented a television as a sculpture. Bang & Olufsen and Loewe have super-stylish sets, too. 9. Hang a TV mirro Séura 55-inch Shade Series 2 Outdoor TV Review Definitive Technology AW6500 All-Weather Speakers Reviewed Home Cinema's Streaming Future Is Now Samsung The Frame 65-Inch UHD TV (2019 Model. Wrapping the TV. Place the padding or blankets on the floor. Set the television on top of the padding, standing in its usual position, then carefully wrap the television like you would a big present. You'll need a few sets of hands to keep the blanket or pad snug while someone else secures the padding or blankets with packing tape A 55- or 65-inch TV isn't nearly large enough to do that. This results in a poorer viewing experience unless you're sitting directly in the middle of the TV and have zero lighting in the room (we'll get to that shortly). When you're sitting even slightly off-center from a curved TV, a few things happen. The first is an awful amount of. Hire the Best TV Mounting Services in Fort Myers, FL on HomeAdvisor. Comment: Looking to have a 55 inch tv hung on the wall in the family room. Would like the mount to swivel. New. Comment: Mount a 65 inch flatscreen where is 55 inch 55 inch flatscreen was and connect cables. Hole already in wall for cables