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One such popular person is Mitsuo, who says he is Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, and that his teachings will help bring a new world order. You too must have seen many strange people in your lives and believed that no one could be as weird as them, but this list of the 10 most bizarre people in the world must have changed your viewpoint for sure Whether flamboyant, miserly, or paranoid, some of history's weirdest people put modern-day eccentricities to shame. Henry Paget, the man who made his car's exhaust pipe release perfume. We're all a little bit weird, some more than others. There are those, however, who blaze past casual weirdness and enter the ranks of the epically bizarre Originally Answered: Who is the craziest person to have ever lived? You probably mean who is the craziest person, to date. My candidate is Plato Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is the Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for number of inventions with over 3,000, including the floppy disk and PyonPyon spring shoes. He has being photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting)

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The Crazy: A one-legged polygamist in the Middle East set his sights on the seemingly impossible: fathering 100 children by the year 2015. And at the age of 64, he's already close to reaching his goal. In 2011, Balushi and his enormous brood of 92 were spread among 17 houses in Ajman, within the United Arab Emirates The 13 most dangerous men in the world right now. By Marc Chacksfield. 28 November 2016. From the head of Isis to the brain behind Boko Haram, we reveal the new names on the globe's governmental watch lists. People may be (half) joking about the nuclear threat of a Donald Trump presidency but for now, from kidnappings to suicide bombs, our.

Top 10 Craziest People in American History. October 27, 2013 mollystazzone Tags: America, Crazy People, History. This morning I was watching the morning news. A developing story about one mother and four of her children were murdered in Brooklyn yesterday night. Their cousin that was out of work and staying with them was the only living person. You see, Herman Mudgett is known today for being America's first serial killer (in the modern sense of the term at least). After moving to Illinois around the time of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, H.H. set about constructing a three story hotel for weary travellers, complete with built-in torture chamber

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  1. 9). Eric Sprague. Eric is known as the first person who chose the snake tongue as the new art to his body. Due to his lizard looks, he easily makes a place among the ugliest people in the world. Eric chose a green theme for his entire body to give him lizard like look, so he decided to split his tongue into two parts
  2. Gino Martino, a professional wrestler never fails to amaze his audience by smashing things with his skull. These are few of the craziest people in the world that leave us in awe and wonder. The human race is indeed a mysterious one
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  5. als in the world. You might want to record their pictures in your memory. 15. Cody Wilso

3 Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royceread more. Personally, I think the coolest person (excluding Jesus, Chuck. August 21, 2020 Natasha Tracy I'm the craziest person in the world is something so many people with a mental illness have said to themselves, and maybe even others. This happens a lot before treatment but can happen even after. Feeling crazy is a real thing for so many of us, and feeling alone with feeling crazy is a real thing too This video is about,worlds craziest people,doing very dangerous things.Enjoy the video,leave a comment,like and don`t forget to subscribe fore more videos ev.. Who is the richest man in the world? Different people define riches differently. However, when it comes to cold hard cash, the world's richest people come from all different backgrounds. From business tycoons, heirs to family fortunes, tech gurus, actors, rappers, and online celebrities, the rich and famous enjoy lavish lives: 5th Avenue. This is quite possibly history's worst political dynasty. In addition to starting the Korean War that killed 3 million people and their refusal to officially end that conflict, this grandfather.

The king of the air, the lord of the flies. Satan was the craziest of all, but not in a good sense Mark Twain (1835-1910) may well out-crazy even the craziest of cat people. He had up to 19 cats at one time, all of whom he loved and respected far beyond whatever he may have felt about people The Top Ten 1 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September...read more

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The WEIRDest People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous is a 2020 book by Harvard professor Joseph Henrich that aims to explain history and psychological variation with approaches from cultural evolution and evolutionary psychology.In the book, Henrich explores how institutions and psychology jointly influence each other over time Due to his brutal policies against minorities, Ante Pavelic is considered as one of the cruelest Nazi leaders. Ante Pavelic was the chief of the Ustase party which had power in Croatia. Due to his cruelty, no less than 80,000 Jews and 30,000 Gypsies lost their lives. He used each and every opportunity to increase his personal wealth. Being a Nazi, Pavelic was always in favor of genocide and. These craziest jobs from around the world would make you wanna leave your job asap! 1. An Electric Shock Giver, yep this is exactly what it sounds like, In Mexico, people carry small boxes that carry meters to give you a good dose of electric shock. Well, some opt for this torture to get sober, some say they get high Los Zeta is one of the most violent groups in the world which performed every crime. This gang was formed in the year 1999 in Mexico. It is very cruel in killings of people, the members of this gang often behead the people and they do bomb attacks. Los Zetas gang uses rockets and handguns to kill the people

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To scientists, he is the world's happiest man. His level of mind control is astonishing and the upbeat impulses in his brain are off the scale. Now Matthieu Ricard, 60, a French academic-turned. Because we know the sight of some of these places will scare you straight (even if you have watched Oz), we've organized a list of the 50 Craziest Prisons and Jails in the World. This is the closet to getting locked up you'll ever want to be The 10 Craziest Persons from the Ancient World. Normally when folks think of madness in the ancient world, it is Caligula, Rome's third emperor, that they conjure in their minds. After all, we're talking about the man who, if ancient scholars are to be believed, was planning to name his beloved horse the highest and most coveted. Meet The Craziest Man In The World: The 'Crocodile Man' Of Port Moresby. By. Richard Anthony. Published on July 24, 2018. Parler Facebook Twitter. I don't know if this guy is the craziest SOB on the planet, or, if he has a serious death wish. Whatever the case, what he does for a living, you couldn't convince me to do for a hundred. World B. Free (born Lloyd Benjamin Free on 1953) is an American former professional basketball player who played in the NBA from 1975-1988. Free was known as the Prince of Midair as well as All-World

Well here goes: this is the first time I have told this story. About 6 years ago I was single mum and lonely. I had a few flings a few one night stands but nothing meaningful. A friend of mine suggested I use an online dating site to which I was h.. The 100 Craziest Celebrity Rumors of All Time. Apparently there is a secret cabal of very rich and powerful people who control all world events. Jay Z is one of them,. Robert Kirby: The stupidest person in the world may surprise you. If you haven't heard by now — and I hadn't until five minutes ago — late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has identified. Throughout history, gangs have been formed. Some start-up with a great agenda and somehow they get corrupted and end up being the worst thing that plagues the society. There are many gangs in the world, but these nine have caught the attention of many nations. Checkout the top 9 most dangerous gangs in the world [

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  1. The superstar, record-breaking songstress, 28, comes amongst world most beautiful people. Adele, an English singer was listed at number five on VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music. In addition, Time magazine named her among most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2016. Also, Adele is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.
  2. The steepest peak on Earth: Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada. At 5,495 feet tall, Mount Thor is not the world's highest peak, but it is the steepest. The most famous summit in Canada and made of pure.
  3. Some people, despite all the black cats and broken mirrors in the world, seem to have all the luck. These 10 people take that luck to the extreme, making fate seem more than just a philosophy. 10 Bill Morgan. When his car collided with a truck and he was crushed under the impact, everyone thought it was the end of the line for Australian Bill Morgan, even the doctors
  4. People who changed the world. 1. Jesus of Nazareth (circa 5 BCE - 30 CE) Spiritual Teacher, central figure of Christianity. 2. Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) American President 1801 - 1809. Author of Declaration of Independence. 3. Mikhail Gorbachev (1931 - ) Leader of Soviet Union 1985 - 1991, oversaw the transition from Communism to.
  5. ed to choose between two elderly men who, it is fair to say, are some distance from sanity. Joe Biden, the 77-year-old who even aides.
  6. 5 Dave Kunst. 44: Dave Kunst - Walk Around the World - Part 1. Dave Kunst is the first person verified to have walked around the entire planet. Kunst began his epic trek with his brother in 1970, walking over 23,300 kilometers (14,500 mi) until he returned to his hometown of Waseca, Minnesota, in 1974

43. World's smallest man, woman with the world's longest legs. He Pingping from Mongolia, the world's smallest man (74.61 centimeters; 29.3 inches) stands between the legs of Svetlana Pankratova from Russia, the woman with the world's longest legs. Pankratova's legs are officially 51.9 inches long — nearly 4 feet 4 inches The world has known many serial killers the list of such famous killers is endless. Here are 20 most evil and notorious serial killers the world has ever seen

It is impossible to explain QAnon to a rational person. Sure, you can give an outline of the absolutely insane things its adherents believe, and the whole thing is often boiled down to a pro-Trump movement that believes the president is playing 4-D chess against a worldwide cabal of wealthy, powerful pedophiles. But as The Atlantic makes clear, it's so much crazier and stranger than that Rick Rosner. Television personality and former stripper Rick Rosner is one of the smartest living men in the world with IQ scores ranging from 140 to 250 by different measures. He has taken more.

From a pure domination standpoint, Usain Bolt is untouchable. He is widely regarded as the fastest person ever. He won back to back Olympic 100 meter and 200 meter dashes and has world records in both events. He also won back to back 4×100 meter relays Once a person has met a certain requirement of IQ, other factors become more important in determining their success and overall impact on the world. That is why Einstein had an IQ of 160 and was the most brilliant mind ever, while Christopher Langan has an IQ of 195, and has experienced no such success, rather failure after failure About 2 million people were killed. People finally got relieved when Vietnam invaded Cambodia in the year 1979. 7. Hideki Tojo. Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan. He was born and brought up in the city of Hong Kong. During the Second World War, he acts as the General of the Japan army and the prime minister of the state The Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe Charlotte Chilton 6/18/2021. SHARE. SHARE. These people think that the world ended in 2012, but we haven't realized it yet

10 of the Craziest Houses from Around the World by Vimal Lalani November 15, 2019, 6:43 am 1.8k Views When it comes to self-expression, everyone has their own unique way of doing so It is said that the golden age of deranged rock stars is over. Gone are the TV-throwing, groupie-loving, drug-abusing stars that our parents idolised and subsequently forsook when parenthood came. In many ways, the legendary anecdotes about these rock stars' antics were inseparable from the music, and won them legions of adoring fans. Most of [

The Craziest World Record in Every State. Lindsay Tigar Updated: Jan. 07, 2019. For Lynnea C. Salvo, who holds the world record for the oldest person to cross America by bicycle, it was quite. 1-India. India, a place where there are so many assorted types of nations living together is likewise the most supremacist nation on the planet. India is the most racist country on the planet and even today, a youngster conceived in the Indian family is taught to love anybody with white skin and look downward at anybody with dim skin The world is full of fun and crazy people, and these festivals are solid proof. This list features a number of the craziest, messiest or most colorful festivals and events ever, which have gathered several people from all round the world.. From mass food fights, like grape throwing festival in Australia and a tomato fight in Spain, to underwater music festival or baby jumping fiesta, there's. Therefore, we've researched the 20 countries in the world with the worst drivers and highest rates of accidents. This list is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) projection of road traffic death rate per 100,000 of the population People play in a maze built by farmers Clint and Angie Masse in St. Adolphe, Canada. The snow labyrinth in the frigid, windswept prairies of Western Canada has broken the record for the world's biggest, measuring a whopping 2,789.11 square meters (30,0021.73 square feet)

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  1. Well, it is the third richest person in the world Larry Ellison who is the co-founder of Oracle. This huge mansion covers a jaw dropping area of 23 acres. If you would look at this house then you would find it simple but little did people know that it is comprised of over 10 buildings inside
  2. 10 People Who Became Famous Overnight In The Craziest, Strangest Ways. Weird World posted a video to playlist Listicle. August 6, 2019 · These people were found in the most unexpected places and that's what made them the point of attraction. Related Videos
  3. World's Richest People 2021. Unsurprisingly, Jeff Bezos has claimed the title of the world's richest man 2021, however, the stakes are tightening. For the first time, here are four people worth USD$100 billion or more, where Bezos was the sole nine-figure club member. Here is a list of the 10 richest people in the world for 2021
  4. A man named John Reyes, who was a guard at the prison in 1991, mentioned being daily afraid because of the beatings and murders he witnessed there. Because of the prison's history of violence, it is now one of the strictest prisons in the world
  5. Some of these people have serious personality flaws that lead one to wonder if they are like that because of fame, or if they were like that before fame. I myself wonder if some of them may, in fact, be sociopaths, because it seems in some cases that these people just do not give a you-know-what about anyone or anything but themselves
  6. It was only a matter of time. After years of being in second place—excluding a 12-hour stint on July 27th, earlier this year—Jeff Bezos has become the latest man to earn this exalted title: World's Richest Person. The Amazon founder and CEO—and current owner of The Washington Post—saw his company's stock surge last night, rocketing his own bank account to $90.6 billion
  7. the craziest sport in the world. the craziest sport in the world People And Their Astonishing Body Transformations! Spicy Entertainer 7 Jul 2021 41 534; Share Gallery. Tweet Share on Facebook. 34 photos. Perfectly Timed Photos Are What Photography Is All About

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Most Craziest Peoples In the World. 4,976 likes. Most Craziest Peoples In the World The friendliest people in the world! It'll be a top tourist destination one day. Future plans Currently competing in the SOS Island competition , which involves undergoing survival challenges on. 6. Hemispatial neglect: this condition makes half of your world invisible. After a stroke, some people may start to ignore half of their world, according to some accounts. For example, one of these patients may neglect to eat half the food on her plate, despite still being hungry. Or she may draw a clockface showing only the numbers 12 to 6

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  1. The Craziest Country in the World By Julie Tabouli | source: Oct 30th, 2011. Hey guys, I'm a new writer here! I'm pretty stoked about it. The name's Julie, and I ain't no foolie, and I just spent an epic summer reconnecting with my roots in Ireland. I've got the heart of a nomad, and my interest in other cultures led me to finding this particularly enlightening infographic
  2. You can see the richest football teams in the world here or have you seen the biggest stadiums in the world. 15. AS Roma. Social Following. Facebook 9 million. Instagram 3.4 million. Twitter 1.8 million. Shirt sales: 150 000 (2016) Shirt sponsorship deals: £6.95 million a year
  3. Whatever the case, the fact remains that they are considered the richest people that ever lived on the face of the earth. Top 10 Wealthiest Men In The Whole World. Though it's difficult to say who is the richest person in the world ever, Bill Gates still retains his number one position as the current richest man in the whole world
  4. Because we know the sight of some of these places will scare you straight (even if you have watched Oz), we've organized a list of the 50 Craziest Prisons and Jails in the World. This is the.
  5. These are people that the world looks at we awe and shock of what they are capable of. The question that lingers then is what will it be like when a person can use [] It has been said by scientists that the most genius person has only used 15% (fifteen per cent) of the brain. These are people that the world looks at we awe and shock of what.
  6. MARTINI: $125. Credit: Courtesy Nolet's Gin. Claudia's Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. sells a swanky martini made from two ounces of Nolet's Reserve Dry Gin (the world's most expensive gin at $700.

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  1. Malaysians united over 'craziest' travel experiences on Twitter. Puteri Nuraaina's tweet immediately went viral, with many people replying with their wildest travel experiences. A young woman and.
  2. For one, it lies at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a 1,500-mile-long, 43-mile-wide gash in the western Pacific seabed, near Guam. To reach it, you need to dive 11,000 meters: that's 1.3 miles.
  3. Funny Profile of uwas osifo. When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us
  4. The Guy on the bike is crazy like hell! Funny. 21 of the craziest people on the planet. The Guy on the bike is crazy like hell! July 15, 2014. Meet the craziest people ever on the planet. We know, being crazy is inevitable in certain scenarios. But this is how it looks when things get out of hands
  5. The world has gone a little haywire -- sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Here are the 15 people most responsible for making it that way
  6. The September 11 attacks are considered to be one of the cruelest things that happened in history, killing 2996 people, and making Osama Bin Laden one of the most evil people in history. 3. Vlad Tepes. Vlad III known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula was a Romanian monarch
  7. Genghis and his army killed 20 to 60 million people (or 10% to 30% of the known world's population). He killed three-fourths of the population of the Iranian Plateau which was 10 to 15 million. He also killed his brother at age 13 just because his brother had stolen a fish from him. Genghis Khan once said The greatest happiness is to.

Here, we're taking a look at the craziest theories people have believed throughout the history of man, er, womankind, from an Earth within Earth to Prince Charles living as a closeted vampire. Ya. Despite of this great number, we have chosen 10 Most Cruel People ever in the History. [sociallocker] 10. Ismail Enver Pasha. Leader of the Young Turk Revolution, Ismail Enver Pasha had been quite dominant but he became more powerful as he commanded the Ottoman Empire in World War I and Balkan Wars It's the funniest thing to think that a man that consistently bites soccer players can be seen as friendly as he is. That is what is so surprising about Suarez! He has done just about the craziest things you can do on the field. He blocked a shot with his hand in the 2010 quarter final against Ghana and got a red card for doing so Established in 1954, The Bilderberg Group or The Bilderberg Club is a secret society comprising the world's elite. It is an annual private conference of 120-150 of the most influential people from the world of business, finance, academics, media, and even some presidents and prime ministers

Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. His videos on YouTube have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits. He was tormented to such an extent that at the age of 10 he attempted suicide. After years of feeling alone and worthless, he had an epiphany one day while. Millau-Creissels, France's Millau Bridge is the tallest bridge in the world, clocking in at 343 meters high. DesignBoom.com. LEGO Bridge in Wuppertal, Germany is actually a concrete beam structure. Our world is full of smart people who always design craziest homes. Lets take a look at some of the craziest home around the world. 2) The blog Hooked on Houses recently dug up photos of Wisconsin’s Futuro house, known as the UFO house because it's, well, shaped like a spaceship The craziest and most outrageous Kim Jong Un facts and rumors. North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un may be a nuclear-armed despot who torments his people — but he's also one of the most bizarre. Meet the people who possess some of the world's largest collections of the most bizarre things. I honestly had a why dude, why? moment with this one. Several of it, actually. Professional writer Anitra Choi from MeowEssay helped us to collect the most interesting collections, here they are 1. Back scratcher

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The 10 Craziest Man-Made Barriers In The World. Westeros only has one, but Earth has dozens! Check out some of the crazy barricades humanity has erected in defense A Power Ranking Of The Craziest People In 'Tiger King' Clearing the bar to make a top-seven list requires a truly special level of crazy. So if you are ready, let's take the plunge Whatever the reason, these are the 23 craziest leaders who went down in history for their bizarre ways of being and ruling as well. 1. Maria I of Portugal. Photo: wikia.com. All of her loved ones died one after another and afterwards she was having delusions followed by shrieks through the corridors. 2

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The Steel Dragon 2000 is the world's longest rollercoaster at 8,133 feet, a record its held since it opened in 2000 — fittingly, the year of the dragon. 5. Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great. World's Largest Collection of Pez Dispensers. 8 - Pez Dispensers. Now I used to love Pez just as much as the next kid in the playground, but some people just seem to go too far with it, and what we have here is Kevin Rej's collection of over 500 of them! Some of them worth a lot of money indeed. World's Largest Collection of Gnomes. 7. Termed as the 'Radical Ritual', Burning Man has has now become one of the craziest festivals you can attend on this planet. Attended by the likes of tech moguls along with hippies from the world over, the festival witnesses a congregation of as many as 70,000 people (also called 'burners') who come together in the Black Rock desert of Nevada 24: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Iran) - Dictator. Khomeini was the supreme leader of Iran from December 3, 1979 - June 3, 1989 (Which was exactly 9.5 years), and he was also the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which killed 3,000 - 60,000 (Yes, 3k - 60k) people

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Rich people have gone through the painful process of forming rich people's habits, and you can become financially prosperous as well if you make up your mind to do the same. Together, let's examine 10 habits of the richest people in the world to help you make up your mind to make these habits yours, too Craziest people in the world come from Florida. Close. 29.1k. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Craziest people in the world come from Florida. 124 comments. share. save. hide. report. 98% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 3 other communities. level Here Are Most 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World. 1. Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the history of the popular Duch Club, there have many hooligans firms. Among the hooligans, 'F -Side' is maybe the most hooligans gang. However, the F - Side took part against another group of hooligan in 1997

Crime happens every day, all over the world. We don't mean that in a make-America-great again kind of way. Rather, the existence of crime is a scary, often uncontrollable part of life 3. Pom Pom Crabs. One of the craziest animals in the world, The Lybia crab is a species of tiny crab in the family Xanthidae, which is native to the Hawaiian Islands. These crabs are known for always carrying a small living sea anemone around in each of its claws which look like tiny boxing gloves or pom-poms Basically, Florida is so weird because we have so many people here now—we're the third most populous state. We have 20 million people living here, and then about a hundred million tourists who come every year. Most of these folks are crammed into a 35-40-mile-wide strip around the state's coast or along the Interstate 4 corridor near Disney Discover some of the most crazy mailboxes people actually have sitting in their garden. You'll be surprised with some of the funny creations people use. 1. Cyclist Mailbox. The mailman probably gets a little embarrassed every time he delivers mail to this address. But I bet the owner gets a good laugh out of it. 2 The Craziest Places In The World Where People Play Basketball / 27/02/2021 / Charlotte . Basketball is among the most common ball games in the world. This is a game that offers the best recreational moment. Great talents have molded successful careers in basketball. All over the world, there is an increase in the love for the sport

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Europe has approximately 30 million people living with a rare disease and 350 million people worldwide suffer from a rare disease. If all the individuals with a rare disease tend live in the same country, it will be the third world's most populous country. A condition is considered rare in the US if it affects less than 200,00 people combined In his groundbreaking new book, The WEIRDest People in the World, the anthropologist Joseph Henrich argues that people from Western countries have a unique psychology That first month in Colorado, $6.6 million was bet on table tennis. MMA was the second-most popular sport among bettors at $1.7 million. It was a funny headline, another COVID-related oddity. Then.

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Top 10 Craziest Hotels in the World Whether you're looking for a wild and crazy getaway, or you simply want to experience a night or two unlike anything you can find in your hometown, we've discovered the top ten most unusual hotels on the planet When you have an orgasm the rest of the world just melts around you. Good by yourself. Better when shared with another. Best when shared with really hot twins. Not so good when shared with animals, close relative, sharp objects, aliens, Really really ugly people, People you hate, trees, toasters, guns, cattle prods, and anything involving crazy. On Sundays Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson forgets about his strict diet and lets himself loose. Here are some of the tasty foods he indulges in which he likes to share on social media. The post Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Cheat Meals Are Going Viral, And Here Are 30 Of The Craziest Ones first appeared on Bored Panda

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The Craziest Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi PhotosCrazy Photos Taken by the Google Van [22 Pics] | I Like To12 Craziest Urinals - public urinal, urinals - OddeeThey're Having A Party While This Woman Sitting Here