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This lure sold at auction in 2003 with a final price of $101,200 becoming the highest price antique fishing lure ever sold. Predecessor to Pflueger Trory and Pardee Minnow: This one is quite interesting as it was found in the tackle box of Hiram Rice of the Twin Lakes area of Ohio famous for such early makers as Pflueger and Pardee Antique fishing lures; extensive advanced information on collecting and identifying antique lures; prices are presented for high quality lures and lure boxes. AntiqueLures : How to identify pre-1940 wood fishing lures and lure boxes. By Gabby Talkington . 1. Lures or boxes: Remember this is about pre-1940 lures and boxes.. This vintage fishing lure was made in at least seven colors and two sizes. 10. Best Imitation of an Entire Food Chain The Thoren Minnow Chaser was designed to mimic a fish chasing a fish Featuring extensive educational, pricing, 7141 images, and identification information for pre-1960 antique fishing lures and lure boxes from the collections of Dr. Michael Echols. I I BUY ANTIQUE FISHING LURES and will pay up to $8,000 for quality items. Sell me your antique fishing tackle or we both may lose company name changed to James Heddon & Sons and in addition to the fishing lure product- line Heddon began manufacturing high quality baitcasting rods. James Heddon died in 1911 and his sons, Will and Charles, continued the business and transformed it into an American fishing tackle industry giant. Identification and Dating Guide Page

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This Pflueger fishing lure is known as the Live Wire model. Pflueger lures sometimes have rhinestone eyes, like this one, in colors to coordinate with the body. This example sold for $75 (not including buyer's premium) during a Morphy Auctions live webcast sale in November 2015 Heddon lures in fancy sienna and scale patterns: examples of early 150's, 100's and other types in some of the more unusual colors. Heddon red eyed killers: 100, 150, 20, and the 450 killer in red and white variations. Heddon Torpedo alley and Flippers: variations on the 120 and 130 Torpedo and 140 Flippers Creek Chub Bait Co. and South Bend Bait Co. were Indiana's contributions to the world of antique and vintage fishing lures. In 1906, three fisherman friends founded Creek Chub to produce just one lure, the Wiggler. Other Creek Chub lures wagged their tails or flopped at their joints Articles, catalogs, and data. Pflueger wood and cardboard box identification; Pflueger Neverfail and Monarch color chart from a 1916 catalog Pflueger vs Shakespeare gem clip minnows: a comparison of 1910 minnows ; How to identify a Pflueger Monarch minnow How to Identify underwater minnows by Pflueger, Heddon and South Bend. Pflueger boxes wanted to bu 25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth a Fortune: We take a look at 25 of the top fishing lures from all manufacturers that are worth a fortune. We start with the number one lure coming in at a whopping $101,200 and count down from there

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  1. e, Pat Salimeno, had one of the most valuable vintage fishing lure collections when he passed away over a decade ago. Like most true antique tackle collectors, Pat was astute and wary
  2. Antique Fishing Lure Website Intentions. We Buy Antique Fishing Lures, Boxes, Catalogs Etc Old and Antique Fishing Lure collectors Welcome. This site is being brought forth to help share the knowledge and information about collecting antique lures, vintage fishing tackle, rods, reels, ice decoys and other pieces of angling history and memorabilia
  3. In addition, a lure's box is often valuable, sometimes worth more than the lure. Following is a list of the 35 most valuable antique fishing lures, according to White's newest books. Hundreds of other antique lures not listed here are worth $20 to $3,500. Heddon Frog $30,000
  4. Although the Fred Arbogast Company was not founded in until 1930, Fred Arbogast, the avid angler, was making and selling fishing lures as early as the mid-1920s. Working by day at the local Goodyear plant in Akron, Ohio, Arbogast spent evenings in his basement, perfecting metal and rubber lures with names like the Weedless Spin-Tail Kicker and the all-metal Tin Liz, both of which had real.
  5. g, connecting & collecting. Welcome to OldFloridaLures.com, where we have compiled as much information as possible about Florida antique fishing lure makers for you to browse. We take pride in offering a knowledge empowering tool for you, no matter if you plan to sell your old lures or begin collecting them
  6. Click Here to Visit Folk Art & Homemade Fishing Lures. Click here to visit a page with my favorite Antique Fishing Lure! Click Here to read the story of George Perry and the World Record Bass! The Best of all the Rest: Early Miscellaneous Fishing Tackle Companies. Click Table for Specific Antique Fishing Lures or Click HERE to browse
  7. t condition with the box, get ready for a payday. These can range anywhere from $50-$10,000 depending on the condition

Apr 13, 2017 - Everyone has a favorite lure and a fishing story about the big one that got away. Her are some of the older lures we used to use. See more ideas about old fishing lures, fishing lures, vintage fishing lures Care and Cleaning of Antique Lures and Fishing Reels Lure Appraisals and Identification As much as I would like to help everybody with antique lure appraisals and identification, my time is very limited and I am not able to furnish this service. I will do my best to help you as my time allows Antique Fishing Lure Prices A list of prices for Shakespeare, Heddon, Pflueger, and South Bend underwater minnows wanted to purchase. By Gabby Talkington. A selected pricing index for items which are wanted to purchase and the approximate minimum price I will pay for a given grade Vintage Fishing Lures. Fishing is a sport that has been traced back tens of thousands of years. Fishing lures have been around for as long, beginning as bone implements, moving to wooden and metal hand-crafted lures in colonial and pre-industrial times, and finally becoming today's mass-produced metal and plastic lure styles

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Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure [Murphy, Dudley, Edmisten, Rick] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure Welcome To Earl's Antique Fishing Tackle Hi, my name is Earl Grant. I am a collector of later vintage and antique fishing tackle such as antique fishing lures, antique fishing reels and antique fishing rods. I have been a member of the 'National Fishing Lure Collector's Club (NFLCC)' since 1998. To join or learn more about the NFLCC and antique. The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible: The Most Comprehensive Antique Fishing Lure Identification & Value Guide Available [Streater, Richard L., Edmisten, Rick, Murphy, Dudley] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible: The Most Comprehensive Antique Fishing Lure Identification & Value Guide Availabl Fishing Lure Collectibles, Vol. 1: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lures (Fishing Lure Collectibles, 2nd Ed) by Murphy, Dudley; Edmisten, Rick; Edmisten, Rick and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure by Dudley Murphy and Rick Edmisten 4.7 out of 5 stars 6

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QG07 Pair Rapala old stock Shad Raps- great colors to collect! Great lures for fishing! JosephsLures. 5 out of 5 stars. (352) $18.00. Add to Favorites. Lot of four (4) vintage old fishing lures. Fishing hooks The appeal of vintage lures. Vintage fishing lures take the form of fragile flies for light casting and heavier vintage wooden lures. Because the wood is solid and painted to convey a realistic appearance, the wooden lure can last long enough to become an antique. A Wotta frog lure whose articulated hind legs carried three-pronged hooks and.

The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible: The Most Comprehensive Antique Fishing Lure Identification & Value Guide Available by Richard L. Streater , Rick Edmisten , et al. | Jun 1, 1999 4.2 out of 5 stars 2 Vintage DAM Fishing Lure Spoon 4 cm, 6 g, Made in Germany. $10.22. $6.09 shipping. DAM Vintage Worm Fishing Lure - Wattwurm. $10.00. $4.99 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage DAM Turbler fishing. $15.00. $10.00 shipping. Vintage DAM Kraut fishing lure. $10.00. $7.00 shipping. Vintage DAM Fishing lure Identifying Antique Hinckley Fishing Lures. When you talk of antique fishing lures, the names that crop up are the likes of Heddon, Shakespeare, Hinckley etc. Antique Hinckley fishing lures came into existence due to a hunting accident wherein Hinckley lost one eye and which made him turn to fishing. Hinckley's fishing lures were the first among the artificial baits that were purchased by.

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Antique Fishing lures by Miscellaneous Smaller Tackle Companies Lurking in the shadows of the great tackle giants like Pflueger and Heddon were a myriad of smaller, mom-and-pop companies that offered their own unique contributions to American fishing history Miscellaneous Tackle Companies. The Pike Thief lures were sold in the 1930s in limited numbers. The lure includes a spring-loaded hook armature that makes the bait interchangeable in that it can be hooked up in several configurations. The papers are wonderful on this oddball misc. bait. Steel Stamp also made a Bass Thief and a Musky Thief baits Antique fishing lures and old fishing tackle, including antique Florida lures and antique Heddon fishing lures. Resources for those interested in the hobby of collecting antique fishing lures

Here you can buy and sell old, antique, vintage fishing lures. We have Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger, South Bend, Shakespeare, Paw Paw and many other rare lures for sale! We have hundreds of vintage lures for sale and we add more frequently! We also buy old lures so feel free to contact us if you have lures to sell This surface swimming lure is a mist in every fisherman's tackle box. Can be used as a popper or be retrieved continuously or by hesitation depending on fishing situation. Seven models from 1'8 oz. for trout to 1 1'2 oz for Muskies. made in twelve fish attracting colors with regular or weedless treble hooks Since the early 1980's, Ed Pritchard has been researching and collecting high-quality antique fishing reels, rods and lures with an emphasis on big game reels by such makers as Kovalovsky, Coxe, Hardy, vom Hofe, and Fin-Nor and fly fishing reels by Leonard, Vom Hofe, and Hardy just to name a few The coveted 1853 copper Giant Haskell Minnow is arguably the rarest antique lure of all time; There's only one of them known to be in existence. In 2003, the lure was sold at Lang's Discovery Auction in Waterville, N.Y. for $101,200. The auction company said, It's Holy Grail of fishing lures. The six-inch copper lure has a rotating fin with. Jun 13, 2019 - Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure [Murphy, Dudley, Edmisten, Rick] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure

  1. In the Heddon Antique Lure galleries you will see a great myriad of the Heddon antique lures produced. James Heddon and his lures were certainly one of the most prolific old and antique fishing lure makers of its time. Heddon created a variety of fishing lures for close to a century
  2. Most old lures go for only $5 - $10 a piece because they are either not that old, too common, or in too rough of shape. There are many books out there to help collectors find the value. Most do a great job telling you about the lure but values go up and down like the stock market. My best answer is always what somebody is willing to pay for it
  3. The bracket at the end of the description holds the numerical rating of each lure's rarity according to Johnny Garland's research. A 1 rating means lures in that color are easy to find, while a 10 means they are extremely hard to find. Please read the caution at bottom of the page! A-E F-H I-T U-Z 0-9 Special Order & Undocumented
  4. THE CHUNKER Early Fishing Lure by The American Tackle Company Before Bleeder Bait Co? $35.00. Shur Strike Creek Chub Baby Injured Minnow EX+ in Correct Box Old Fishing Lure. $95.00. Isle Royale CHUB PIKE Pikie Minnow in Perch NICE! $35.00. Bomber Jerk Saltwater Fishing Lure Heavy Duty L-Rig EX+
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  6. James Heddon and Sons Antique Lure Makers 1902 - Current/EBSCO. From initial carvings of ice decoys in the mid to later 1800's, to the famous, folk tale of the James Heddon hand carved frog; James Heddon & Sons fishing lure legacy and old fishing lures have lived on for longer than a century. A century that was filled with 2 World Wars, a great.

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In this Moonlight and Paw Paw Antique Fishing Lure gallery you will see examples of a few of the different models they made throughout the companies history. I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, such as the dates the lures were made, the companies who made the now antique lures. Model 2000, Yellow. Other vintage Heddon fishing lures of note from the 1930s and 1940s include the River Runts, the #350 Musky Surface lures, the Flap-Tails, and the bird-like Crazy Crawlers. After World War II, Heddon continued to innovate with bass lures, fly lures, and better rod technology As a result of a love for the sport of fishing, we started collecting all types of fishing memorabilia tackle, fishing rods, reels, lures, flies, catalogs, boxes and just about anything related to fishing. I am always interested in any antique fishing lures and boxes from companies such as Heddon, Pflueger, Creek Chub, South Bend, Shakespeare. This is the list of the most expensive antique lures sold at auction. Some lures have been omitted due to being too similar to those listed, while others, like the notorious million-dollar lure.

Welcome to Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques. Established in 1838 we are the oldest supplier of quality antique, vintage and modern classic collectible fishing tackle in the world. From our UK store we sell, buy and exchange tackle with kindred spirits across the globe who share our passion for antique fishing rods, reels and more VINTAGE LOT 5 LAZY IKE FISHING LURES OLD. $6.76. 2 bids. $8.45 shipping. Ending Apr 22 at 4:30AM PDT. 4d 11h. VINTAGE BASS LURE LOT of 10 HWRT OIL CO. POTLATCH DELTIC TOBACCO LAZY IKE ETC A guide to F.W. Worden antique fishing lures; getting top prices for Worden and bucktail lures. mrlurebox.com. F.G. Worden, South Bend, Indiana. Sometime around 1900, F.G. Worden began making and selling his wooden minnows, many of which has a hair bucktail. That feature earned Worden the nickname Bucktail, and a place in history as one of. The long-awaited 8th edition of Old Fishing Lures & Tackle-the bible for lures collectors- has been thoroughly updated, combining the time-honored research of the late Carl F. Luckey with essential updates from author Russell E. Lewis.It now features: • More than 2,000 photos include hundreds of new lures. • Among the 5,000 listings is fresh information on related categories like rods. Selling old & early wood glass eye fishing lures reels new in the box antique tackle by Creek Chub Heddon Decoys Pflueger South Bend Paw Paw Fly Rod Lures ABU Ambassadeur Bagley Creels Catalogs Collectors Books Arbogast Pikie Lure Minnows & More

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Jitterbug by Fred Arbogast Fishing Lure. In Fishing > Fishing Lures > Show & Tell and Fishing > Arbogast Fishing Lures > Show & Tell. Fishing Lures 209 of 239: 7. Love it 1. I have some vintage jitterbug lures still in box never used do you how much they are worth to a collector; Handyman75, 2 years ag antique vintage tackle box full of vintage lures and reels heddon fred arbogast this is a tackle box full of lures reels and misc fishing items. THESE LURES AND ITEMS ARE IN USED CONDITION. SOME OF THE LURES DO HAVE CHIPPING AND CRACKING AS SEEN.THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT BRANDS AND MAKES Oct 13, 2018 - Explore Chris Lynch's board Fishing lure display ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about fishing lures display, fishing decor, fishing room

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The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide Changes and Additions. Last Update: March 24, 2020. Thank you for purchasing the Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide by Thomas Jacomet and Dennis Boulais and published by Whitefish Press! As a benefit to purchasing this book, we are providing this web page of changes and additions to the book that have come to our. Waseca. The city of Waseca was founded in 1867. Waseca was severely damaged from the 1967 Southern Minnesota tornado outbreak. But, this small town rebuilt itself. Waseca is home to the Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca, a low-security federal prison housing female inmates. Lightning Lures. I have found several of these lures in the boxes Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure. The Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure is a collector favorite, and was first introduced around 1939-1940. Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan purchased the patent rights to this winged creature from Jim Donaly, of Hoptacong NJ. This version is the Model 2100 series and is the second to largest in the Crawler family measuring in at. Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure. The Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure was first introduced in 1950. This antique fishing lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan is part of a lineup of quintessential lures. The 9630 was later in the life cycle for this top Heddon seller. The 9630 is made of plastic instead of wood like its earlier kin Check Out Vintage Fish Lures On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today

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I collect vintage fishing tackle and old fishing lures that were made in Indiana. Between the early 1900's and 1950's there were so many entrepreneurs making lures out of their garages that it is nearly impossible to identify all of them. My goal is to identify as many of those lure makers as possible Vintage fishing lure identification help needed Vintage fishing lure identification help needed Aug 5, 2019 11:48:57 AM. I have lure here with no markings and can not seem to find exactly what it is. Any help is greatly appreciated! 630 Views Message 1 of 2 0 Helpful Reply. All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic. Fishing Lure Identification. Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod Identification. Stickbait lure identification help. Unknown lure identification needed. The Worth Flutter Fin lure. Which type of fishing lure is good for which fish? Perhaps the world's best fishing lure for all types. ***The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible by R.L. Streater with Rick Edmistem & Dudley Murphy ** This is one of the most comprehensive antique fishing lure identification & value guide available. This book has just been released in June of 1999

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I can appraise your old fishing lures and give you an estimate of the value of your antique fishing lure collection. Please e-mail pictures of your vintage lures to indianatravis@gmail.com. I can also give you ideas of how to sell your lure collection or I can sell them for you. I have years o Welcome to Joe's Old Lures, a web site devoted to sharing information about antique fishing lures and old fishing tackle. Look around these pages and you will see pictures of hundreds of antique fishing lures in my collection, along with some historical information about many of the companies that made antique fishing lures and tackle This site is dedicated to the fascinating hobby of Antique Fishing Lures and Fishing Tackle collecting and preservation. Member of the N.F.L.C.C. National Fishing Lure Collectors Club. I am always buying Antique Fishing Lures and Boxes from companies such as Heddon, Pflueger, Creek Chub, South Bend, Shakespeare, Moonlight, Keeling, and a. The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) is a non-profit, educational, international organization founded in 1976. The primary objectives of the NFLCC are to foster an awareness of fishing tackle collecting as a hobby and to assist members in the location, identification, and trading of vintage fishing-related equipment A comprehensive guide to antique fishing lures made in Florida. Pictures and information about old and antique Florida lures by Jim Pfeffer, Porter Bait Company, Florida Fishing Tackle, Eger Bait Company, Earl Robinson, and many other Florida lure makers

Fishing Lure Collectibles an Identification and ValueHeddon Cousin II Antique Lure - Fin and Flame Antique LuresOld Fishing Lure 1 Royalty Free Stock Photography - ImageVintage Fishing Lures Hellbender | eBayPflueger Antique Fishing LuresClassic Wooden Fishing Lures | Fishing | Pinterest

My hubby collects lures & has some books. Appears Horricks Ibbotson also known as HICO bought out Abbey & Imbrie in 1930. HICO was sold to Gladding ( South Bend) about 1960 & that is when lure production in wood ceased. They say HICO made their own lures but other companies such as Arnold & others.. Unknown Lure identification help. By Feech1960, 6 months ago on General Fishing Questions. Does anyone have any idea what this lure is? It was in one of my grandpa's tackle boxes I inherited. He fished Lake St Clair a lot and lakes in SE MI. When he retired to Florida he spent time fishing southern Florida Antique vintage lures reels & tackle website provides info and photos of the old tackle manufacturing companies and their products. Photos of rare and collectable reels made by KY makers like George Snyder (GS), Geo. Gayle, J. F. & B.F. Meek, B. F. Meek & Sons, B.C. Milam & Son,. Vintage Fishing Rods, reels, and lures. Hello all. I have just received a large amount an Vintage rods, reels, and lures from my step-grandfather, and I was wondering if some one with a good amount of knowledge could possibly help me learn the history and facts about some of the items I have. They include several Johnson Century model 100b. Some of these are fairly common old lures, and some might be rarer finds that could bring a pretty penny or two. 1. Creek Chub Pikie Minnow. The Creek Chub Bait Co. is an antique lure collector's dream. Producing an incredible variety of lures with countless variations over more than 50 years, Creek Chub offers an almost endless well of opportunity for collectors of old fishing lures, enough.